Friday, September 16, 2022

Vampires and Villains - A Review


VAMPIRES AND VILLAINS by Elizabeth Pantley
The Second Magical Mystery Book Club
As the book club prepares to choose their next selection they are joined by a new member. Million is an 82 year old crotchety man who gives Zell a run for her money. After some deliberation the group decides to pick a cozy mystery set on a Hawaiian cruise. Suddenly whisked aboard, they are thrilled by all the amenities the ship offers. However, they soon discover a little detail they missed by not reading the book's blurb in its entirety. Million's new cruise ship friend happens to be a vampire. Yes, they are in a paranormal mystery filled with vampires. When they stumble upon a body drained of blood, it seems clear that one of the vampires on board is a murderer. When security looks at their new friend as the main suspect the gang work doubly hard to prove his innocence and find the killer, all while enjoying the excursions and delectable meals on board.

VAMPIRES AND VILLAINS is a delight. The irascible Million is a welcome addition to a very unique cast of characters. Gruff and grouchy he is also loyal, loveable, and fun. He fits right in to this diverse group of people that are becoming a family. The book inside the book characters are fun too, from the suave Vincent, flirtatious Baptiste, to the jealous Liliana, and skeevy Magnus.

I've never been on a cruise, though I did watch the Love Boat as a kid, so I loved going on one vicariously. I enjoyed reading about the amenities and going on the excursions. I want to go to a tropical fruit farm! These extras didn't detract from the actual mystery either. Clues and red herrings were found everywhere-as Zell said, you can enjoy both the mystery and the fun.

VAMPIRES AND VILLAINS is an enchanting mystery that embraces its uniquely diverse characters in a fun paranormal plot. Both humorous and heartwarming it is a delightful addition to this great new series. I can't wait to discover what happens next!


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