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A Cold Brew Killing - A Review & Giveaway


The Third All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery

Gia Morelli has had it with politics! She's tired of Earl and Savannah bickering over the upcoming mayoral election and concerned with Skyla's reaction to one of the candidates. The election is thrown a curve when Trevor finds one of the men murdered in his ice cream parlor's freezer. Gia is certain of Trevor's innocence, but she soon discovers there's much more to him than she realized. More and more people are acting angry and scared and Gia soon realizes that all of them were friends in high school. Something that happened back then must be the root of the current murder, but what?

Can you ever escape your past? Should people be made accountable for past transgressions? Can people really change? The third All-Day Breakfast Café provides a fascinating look at these questions from a variety of angles. The themes explored are particularly relevant today, in relation to entitled young men, politics, and those who seek justice.

I love how the basis of the mystery was created in the past, a past about which Gia is totally unfamiliar. Gia's reacting without thinking and her jitteriness still annoys me, but her dedication, loyalty, and devotion to friends makes me like her. Her negative habits are slowly abating and I enjoy seeing her grow as a person. I'm also excited to see the development of some of the secondary characters, Cybil in particular.

A COLD BREW KILLING is a fast paced mystery that holds particular relevance in today's world. It's important to stand up for what you believe in and trust that your friends and family will support you. And remember family doesn't have to be blood, we can make our own family with those friends we hold dear.


A Cold Brew Killing (All-Day Breakfast Cafe Mystery) by Lena Gregory

About the Book

Cozy Mystery 3rd in Series  
Lyrical Underground (November 6, 2018)  
Print Length Approximately 250 Pages
When an ice cream vendor discovers a frozen stiff, Florida diner owner Gia Morelli has to serve up some just desserts . . .
Gia has become good friends with Trevor, a fun, flirtatious bachelor who owns the ice cream parlor down the street from her popular All-Day Breakfast Café. Trevor has the scoop on all sorts of local attractions and activities. But when he bursts into her diner, trembling and paler than a pint of French Vanilla, she can tell something's very wrong. Trevor points her toward his shop then passes out cold. When Gia runs down to his shop, she discovers a chilling sight—a dead body in the open freezer. But the ice cream man's troubles are just beginning. The police suspect him of this murder a la mode, especially when details of his questionable past surface. Gia believes in her friend and is determined to clear his name and find the real cold-blooded killer before someone else gets put on ice . . .

Lena Gregory lives in a small town on the south shore of eastern Long Island with her husband and three children. When she was growing up, she spent many lazy afternoons on the beach, in the yard, anywhere she could find to curl up with a good book. She loves reading as much now as she did then, but she now enjoys the added pleasure of creating her own stories.  

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Wreath Between the Lines - A Recipe, Giveway, and Review

What a delight to welcome Daryl Wood Gerber back to Cozy Up With Kathy today. Daryl writes the Cookbook Nook Mystery series. WREATH BETWEEN THE LINES is the seventh book in the series and was released earlier this month.

WREATH BETWEEN THE LINES, the 7th in the Cookbook Nook Mysteries is out! You can read more about the book below.

Since the book is set around Christmas, for my blog tour I thought I’d share a few holiday recipes to get readers in the mood. One or two from the book and the others because I love them.

This one is because I love it! I don’t know about you, but I adore cheese. For lunch, snacks, and dinner. I sometimes have it for breakfast, too. A slice on an English muffin? Heaven!

Speaking of breakfast, here is a totally delicious and kid-friendly recipe that I found in Food Network Magazine and tweaked. We all need kid-friendly foods during the holidays, right? And if not kid-friendly, then adult-adored!  

It's simple. Only a few ingredients, which really pleases Jenna, the culinary bookstore owner in my Cookbook Nook Mysteries—she starts out the series learning how to cook—and it’s super tasty because of the cheese, which pleases Charlotte, the cheese shop owner in my Cheese Shop Mysteries. Mimi, the bistro owner and former chef in my French Bistro Mysteries, would probably make the waffles from scratch the day before.

I think if I were to play with this recipe I might try swapping out the cream cheese with grated cheddar or Gruyere. Yum! However, I have to admit making it with cream cheese was so easy. Who doesn't love easy during the holidays?



Food Network Magazine March 2014

1/3 cup whipped cream cheese
1/4 cup small-curd cottage cheese
2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar, plus more for topping
4 frozen waffles, untoasted
1 to 2 tablespoons jam, any flavor
1 tablespoon unsalted butter, plus more if needed
Confectioners’ sugar and ground cinnamon for topping
Syrup, if desired


Mix the cream cheese, cottage cheese, and confectioners’ sugar in a medium bowl. Sread 2 waffles with jam, then top with the cream cheese mixture; cover with the remaining 2 waffles.

Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the sandwiches and cook until golden and crisp, about 3 minutes per side, adding more butter to the pan if needed. Adjust the heat if the waffles are browning too quickly.

Let the sandwiches rest 1 minute before serving. Sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar and cinnamon.

If desired, serve with syrup.



The Seventh Cookbook Nook Mystery

Jenna Hart is happily preparing for Christmas, decorating the Cookbook Nook and enjoying the festive air as all of Crystal Cove gets ready for the holiday season. Jenna's sister and family arrive unexpectedly for the local a cappella event. But all is not jolly as Whitney fears her husband is cheating on her, Spencer is acting suspicious, and Lacy is acting like a fairly typical teenager. The murder of the friend Jenna's neighbor stuns everyone. Did the killer get his intended victim, or was Jake the real target? It couldn't be because of Jake's elaborately decorated house, could it? Jenna will have to sort out her sister's marital woes, support her niece, and investigate the latest murder so that everyone can have a merry Christmas!

I love the festive holiday season and WREATH BETWEEN THE LINES is helping me get in the holiday spirit. The delightful Christmas decorations and all of the delectably described food make me want to start decorating and eating already...even though it's not quite Thanksgiving.

There's more to the book than holiday happenings, however. There's an intricately plotted murder mystery and a variety of familial relationships to sort out.

WREATH BETWEEN THE LINES is a wonderful mystery to read at any time of the year, but when read now gives a wonderful start to the holiday season.


Wreath Between the Lines (A Cookbook Nook Mystery) by Daryl Wood Gerber

About the Book

Cozy Mystery 7th in Series  
Beyond the Page (November 8, 2018)  
Print Length: 221 pages 
The Agatha Award–winning author of Pressing the Issue returns to the Cookbook Nook, where Jenna Hart is busy decking the halls and ducking a killer . . .
The holidays are Jenna Hart’s favorite time of year, but just as she’s decorating the Cookbook Nook for all the festive events, her imperious older sister makes a surprise visit, anxious that her husband’s been more naughty than nice. To make matters worse, her father’s good friend Jake shows up on her doorstep with a frantic report that his friend has been murdered—trussed with Christmas lights and impaled with a tree star.
Worried that Jake was the intended victim, Jenna makes a list of suspects and checks it twice. Swapping her Santa’s hat for a sleuthing cap, she gets busy investigating Jake’s long-lost sister, his Grinch of a neighbor, and a stamp collector who covets Jake’s most treasured piece. When Jake himself is poisoned and nearly dies, Jenna knows she’ll have to do whatever it takes to corner the culprit before it’s lights out for Jake . . .
Includes tantalizing holiday recipes!

About the Author

DARYL WOOD GERBER writes the nationally bestselling Cookbook Nook Mystery series featuring a cookbook store owner who is an avid reader and admitted foodie, set on the coast of California. As AVERY AAMES, she pens the Agatha Award-winning, nationally bestselling Cheese Shop Mystery series featuring a cheese shop owner amateur sleuth, set in the fictional town of Providence, Ohio. Daryl’s short stories have been nominated for the Agatha, Anthony, and other awards. Fun tidbit: as an actress, Daryl has appeared in “Murder, She Wrote” and more.

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