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The Glass Thief - A Guest Post & Review

I'm always pleased to welcome Gigi Pandian back to Cozy Up With Kathy. Gigi writes the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery series. THE GLASS THIEF is the sixth book in the series and was released last week.

Let's talk fiction versus reality. I love to write fun, lighthearted adventure mysteries. But they also have deeper substance. Each of my Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mysteries involve cross-cultural connections and are based in real history. I always include an Author's Note in each of my books that explains what's real and what's fiction -- but here's a spoiler: 99% of the history I mention is real. I create fictional treasures -- but based on what we know about the world, each of them could have been real. 

But you know what? Real history is messy. I'm sharing a few photos from my research trip to Cambodia that illustrates that point. 

Visiting the iconic temples of Angkor Wat was as amazing as I imagined it would be. But... at the same time, if you zoom back, you can see that I was there with hundreds of other tourists. Not really a meditative spot to greet the sun as we stood in front of the ancient temple. 
And below the majestic stone faces that adorn so many Cambodian temples, bas-relief carvings tell the stories of the laborers who painstakingly carried heavy sandstone chunks of stones and sanded them together to make them fit into gigantic monuments.

Lastly, the adventure of exploring ancient history can have a messy side. I ventured beyond the standard tourist temples, and had a guide show me around a temple currently around excavation. No smooth pathways like at Angkor Wat, so at the end of the day, I tripped. That's my broken ankle. 
But in spite of those contrasting experiences, I love exploring history and other cultures through travel. And I hope you have fun with Jaya's latest adventure. 


THE GLASS THIEF by Gigi Pandian
The Sixth Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery

The term is winding down and Jaya Jones should be concentrating on finishing the semester and trying to get tenure. But something gets in her way. Two somethings really. While two of her students create part of the distraction, a research project surrounding a letter indicating treasure in San Francisco, the main reason has to do with her favorite author. Rick Coronado hasn't written a novel in seven years, but he has the start of one and wants Jaya's opinion if he should continue. What Jaya finds is the story of a murderous ghost in Paris and a looted treasure from Cambodia. She also learns that the fiction is actually fact. Leaving San Francisco and her students behind Jaya is off to France to discover the truth behind the haunted mansion, a truth that will eventually lead her to the temples of Cambodia. In the end it's more than treasure she needs to find, it's a matter of life and death and the possible ruin of the man she loves.

More than a mystery, THE GLASS THIEF bridges the gap between the modern and ancient world while showing the importance of history. Each Jaya Jones novel enriches me by not only allowing me travel via my armchair, introducing me to other cultures, but providing great historical knowledge, teaching me things I never knew and urging me to do more research on my own. Gigi Pandian, like Jaya Jones, promotes a love of history and a desire to go out and learn even more.

In a novel that seamlessly blends history, world travel, romance, and humor we find that it's the characters who are providing the drive to action here. Love, greed and revenge all play a part as Jaya faces a turning point in her relationship with Lane.

There are a few mysteries within this sixth Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery and the pivotal one happens to be a locked room mystery. Pandian is no stranger to this type of mystery, having utilized the form in several short stories. This particular story is enriched by all the details outside the locked room. Indeed, the locked room portion, though the crucial part of the mystery, happened in the past and so the story is not limited to a small setting and cast of characters, a wise move in a full length novel. There's also an added dash of the paranormal making the novel even more atmospheric. I mean, who can resist a haunted mansion in Paris at Christmastime? Indeed it's the combination of fact and fiction that keeps everyone on their toes.

THE GLASS THIEF is a character driven mystery filled with intrigue and a hauntingly good puzzle. Various characters come to understand each other, for better or worse, and we're left with a satisfying end and the promise of even more great adventures to come. I absolutely love Jaya and was grinning like a fool at the end of the book.  



A locked-room mystery at a Paris mansion. A supposed ghost haunting a French family who looted treasures from Cambodia. A reclusive thriller author writing a novel in honor of historian Jaya Jones—is it a work of fiction or a devious way to lure Jaya into solving the impossible crimes in Paris?

Library Journal’s starred review says: “Charming and eclectic characters populate this Indiana Jones-esque adventure, which comes highly recommended for fans of locked-room mysteries in the manner of Agatha Christie and Elizabeth Peters.”

Buy the book: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple | Indiebound | Murder By The Book | Book Passage

Gigi Pandian is an USA Today bestselling and Agatha Award-winning cozy mystery author, breast cancer survivor, and accidental almost-vegan. She writes the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt mysteries (adventure cozies) and the Accidental Alchemist mysteries (paranormal cozies including recipes).

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The Inspiration for Barnacle Boy - A Storm of Secrets Guest Post & Giveaway

I'm pleased to let Loretta Marion take over Cozy Up With Kathy today. Loretta writes the Haunted Bluffs Mystery series. STORM OF SECRETS is the second book in the series and was released this week!

The Inspiration for Barnacle Boy
Loretta Marion

A writer does a great deal of research when writing a novel, and sometimes we uncover some interesting gems that move and inspire us. That’s what happened to me when I was doing research for the book that eventually became HOUSE OF ASHES, the first of the Haunted Bluffs Mystery Series. In the early stages of writing the manuscript, I came across an unsolved mystery that intrigued me, and I was impassioned to find a way to incorporate that true story into the book.

When HOUSE OF ASHES was first written, the real-life unsolved case became a key part of the resolution to the novel’s mystery. It was initially meant to be a stand-alone book, however, the editor who acquired it for Crooked Lane Books suggested there was potential for a sequel. That meant a great deal of story revisions, including reserving the plotline inspired by the true-life mystery for the next book in the series. (Side note: Authors also must learn to be flexible enough to allow for detours in this great world of book publishing.)

Barnacle Boy is a local legend in the fictional town of Whale Rock, and only briefly mentioned in HOUSE OF ASHES. The young child’s sea-ravaged body was discovered washed up on the shores of Cape Cod decades earlier and he has remained a mystery to the townsfolk ever since. The story of this unknown boy, who was never claimed or identified, becomes an important element of STORM OF SECRETS, the next installment of the Haunted Bluffs Mysteries. However, to better suit the direction of the sequel, the nature of Barnacle Boy’s story evolved much differently than what was the intent of the original manuscript. In other words, the initial plans for incorporating the true story ended up on the cutting room floor. This is one of the saddest aspects for an author: cutting out parts of a book we absolutely love. It’s like removing a piece of our souls. But tough love is an important part of the editing process. Of course, I’ve kept that original unchanged manuscript, and from time to time I return for a revisit of the ending for my own personal enjoyment.

So what was that unsolved true mystery that so intrigued me to create Barnacle Boy’s fictional tale? In February of 1957, the battered, bruised and malnourished body of an unidentified boy was discovered in the woods near Philadelphia. The Boy in the Box, also sometimes referred to as America’s Unknown Child, estimated to be age four or five, was found in a bassinet box wrapped in a plaid blanket, face up with his arms folded across his body. His fingernails had been recently trimmed and his hair closely cropped to the scalp – possibly to disguise his identity – and there were surgical scars on his young body. Massive media attention failed to bring anyone forward with information to identify the boy. Even with recent DNA testing and ongoing investigations, criminologists have never been able to solve this crime. Many theories have evolved over the years, but most were dismissed. Only two generated significant interest by law enforcement and the media, the first involving a psychic who directed police to a nearby foster home where a bassinet that matched the box was found. However, after an in-depth investigation, no other definitive links were uncovered. Another was from a woman who claimed her abusive mother had purchased the child from his birth parents in 1954. Although her story was plausible, including details unknown to the general public, she did have a history of mental health problems and police were unable to verify her claims. Most recently, the genetic genealogist who helped to identify the Golden State Killer using a DNA profiling method, indicated she was also trying to learn the identity of the Boy in the Box.

The child was originally buried in a potter’s field, but after being exhumed for DNA extraction, he was later laid to rest at Ivy Hill Cemetery near Philadelphia. The reburial brought about considerable media coverage and significant attendance by local citizens, who now keep the grave well decorated with flowers and stuffed animals.

I was both fascinated and shaken by this story when I first came upon it. It’s hard not to wonder what happened to this unclaimed boy. How did he die? What happened in his short life? Was he ever loved? And mostly, why did nobody ever come forward to claim him? These questions may continue to plague us forever.

Even though the story in STORM OF SECRETS is now only inspired by The Boy in the Box, it is my hope that Barnacle Boy’s tale in some way pays tribute to America’s Unknown Child. I know it has made a lasting impact on me, and I’m proud that he has now been fictionally immortalized in my books.


Storm of Secrets: A Haunted Bluffs Mystery by Loretta Marion

About Storm of Secrets

Paranormal Mystery 2nd in Series 
Crooked Lane Books (November 12, 2019)  
Hardcover - 327 Pages 
A deadly storm, a missing three-year-old child, a suspicious death, and the eerie presence of the spirits of the dead set the stage for the second mesmerizing installment of Loretta Marion's paranormal suspense series.
A powerful storm descends upon Cape Cod's Whale Rock at the peak of tourist season--and the weekend Cassandra Mitchell's and Daniel Benjamin's wedding is set to take place at The Bluffs, the magnificent Victorian mansion Cassie inherited from her family. In the wake of the storm's destruction, three-year-old Lucas Kleister goes missing--and the body of small-time drug dealer Lee Chambers is found in a restaurant dumpster. Now, the WRPD are faced with a murder to solve, a missing child to find, and the aftermath of one of the worst storms in recent memory.
While aiding with the clean-up and helping the displaced, Cassie has been receiving cryptic messages from the spirits of her great-grandparents, Percy and Celeste Mitchell, the original residents of The Bluffs. At first, the messages are benign, but soon, they begin to point to something more sinister. As Cassie works to decipher their meaning, the specter of a mysterious local legend surfaces. The tale of Barnacle Boy--and what happened to him during another destructive storm decades earlier--will weave through the desperate search to find Lucas and the identity of a killer.
"Modern and historic mysteries collide in Marion's bittersweet storytelling." Kirkus Reviews
“[A] gripping sequel...Marion seamlessly weaves the multiple story threads together. Fans of tales of regional intrigue will be satisfied.” —Publishers Weekly

About Loretta Marion

Loretta Marion
A true bibliophile, Loretta Marion's affection for the written word began in childhood and followed her like a shadow throughout her life as she crafted award-winning marketing and advertising copy and educational brochures. She then applied her writing skills as a volunteer, establishing a Legacy Story program for hospice patients, which inspired her to create her own fictional stories. Her debut novel, The Fool's Truth, is a twisty mystery set in Maine. Her Haunted Bluffs Mystery Series is set on Cape Cod and was introduced by Crooked Lane Books in 2018 beginning with HOUSE OF ASHES. Her newest release, STORM OF SECRETS, is the second book of the series.
When not whipping out words on her laptop, she is traveling, enjoying outdoor pursuits, or is curled up with a delicious new book. Loretta lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Geoffrey.

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Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading An Ale of Two Cities by Sarah Fox. This book is the second in the Literary Pub Mystery series and will be published November 26, 2019.

Getting her literary themed pub into the holiday spirit Sadie Coleman is arranging for a trivia night and sponsoring the pub's hockey team while enjoying Shady Creek's Winter Carnival. The mood is decidedly less merry when former resident, now hot shot Boston chef, Freddy Mancini arrives to compete in the ice sculpting contest. The arrogant chef wastes no time putting down the town and its residents, including his former girlfriend, mentor, and brother. Before the contest even finishes, Freddy is dead. While there are plenty of suspects, Mel makes the top of the list. Believing her employee to be innocent, and giving in to her natural curiosity, Sadie decides to search for the killer herself. Will she be able to figure out which of the many suspects actually did it, or will the killer find her first?

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Fan Mail - A Spotlight

I'm happy to shine a spotlight on a new book by Daryl Wood Gerber. Fan Mail is the second Aspen Adams novel of suspense and is being released today!

An adoring fan and a string of murders: a demented show of love that leaves no one safe . . .

Local celebrity news anchor Gloria Morning is used to receiving declarations of love and praise in her weekly fan letters, but when a Lake Tahoe doctor is murdered and she gets an anonymous note telling her it was done for her glory, her appreciation turns to panic. Unsure of where else to turn, she enlists the help of novice private investigator Aspen Adams. No sooner does Aspen begin digging into who sent the macabre note than another murder occurs, followed by another note, and she soon realizes she’s up against a methodical and deranged killer. Working with scant clues and a puzzling array of potential suspects, Aspen is determined to unearth the elusive connection between the victims and her client. But as the body count grows and the murderer remains a mystery to both her and the police, Aspen discovers she’s gotten closer to the killer than she ever imagined, and now she must risk everything she holds dear to stop the killings, including her own life . . .

 Author Bio:

Agatha Award-winning and nationally bestselling author DARYL WOOD GERBER ventures into the world of suspense again with, FAN MAIL, the second in the Aspen Adams series. In addition, Daryl writes the bestselling Cookbook Nook Mysteries, and she has the new FAIRY GARDEN MYSTERIES coming out in 2020. As Avery Aames, she wrote the CHEESE SHOP MYSTERIES. Fun Tidbit: as an actress, Daryl appeared in “Murder, She Wrote.” She has also jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and hitchhiked around Ireland by herself. Make sure to visit her website to learn more:

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Cosmic Cat - A Guest Post

I'm pleased to allow Mollie Hunt to take over Cozy Up With Kathy today. Mollie writes the Crazy Cat Lady Mystery series. Cosmic Cat is the sixth book in the series and was released earlier this year.

Cats! Gotta love them. The way they settle on your lap, all warm and purry; the funny things they do. But as all cat people know, there is more to cats than meets the eye. Cats love deeply, feel strongly, and live courageously. They bond with their humans, even though they may manifest their love by completely ignoring you. They are stoic and rarely show pain. The signals they use to express stress may baffle us. Learning about these wonderful characters is a lifelong journey.

In my Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery series, I talk a lot about cats. The stories are fictional, of course,  and meant to entertain, but my hero Lynley Cannon is a cat shelter volunteer, so topics such as fostering, adopting, cat care, and cats with special needs come up naturally. Lynley even has a registered therapy cat, Tinkerbelle, based on my own beloved kitty! Also, at the beginning of each chapter, I include a basic tip, trick, or fact about our feline friends. Here are a few from my most recent book, Cosmic Cat:

~There are many reasons that some cats dislike others of their species. Since cats are independent, a certain amount of wariness is only natural. Many behaviors can be modified with patience and training, but some cats are best living as the only feline in your home. —Chapter 14         

~Cats need exercise, just like dogs (and people). It is in their nature to run, jump, chase, hunt, and explore. For your indoor cat, you are responsible for providing their daily mental and physical workouts.  —Chapter 19

~According to studies, more cats are left-pawed than right. —Chapter 22

~A cat’s innate instinct can drive him away from unexpected noises as well as draw him back once the noise has ceased. The latter may be a result of that famous feline curiosity.  —Chapter 25

~The first cats to go home from any shelter are the youngest. Kittens are in high demand from pet lovers, but people should remember that kittens grow into cats very quickly, and the adoption must be for life.  —Chapter 26

And a few more from other books:


~Did you know that black cats have the lowest adoption rate  and are ignored by many rescue groups because they are so hard to place? We don’t know if it’s superstition or merely because black isn’t as exciting to most people as the colors. Luckily a lot of cat people love black cats and go the extra mile for them. —Cat’s Paw, Chapter 20


~A Georgia family adopted a sweet white cat named Mr. Meowy from a local animal rescue group; the next day, Mr. Meowy returned the favor by saving the family’s home from going up in flames. —Copy Cats, Chapter 28


~It is important that a cat doesn’t suddenly stop eating. In a very short time, the lack of food can start the body sending fat cells to the liver, causing it to become clogged and begin to fail. This is known as Fatty Liver Disease. —Copy Cats, Chapter 5

~Hydration is a key element of cat health. Have water bowls in multiple places throughout the house instead of only at the feeding station. Cats may be distracted by the food and neglect the water. —Copy Cats, Chapter 21

~First aid kits are as important for your cat as they are for you. When an accident happens, having the necessary information and supplies within easy reach may mean the difference between life and death. —Copy Cats, Chapter 19


~In ancient Egypt, cats were important members of society. Because they controlled vermin, including snakes such as cobras, they were elevated to divinity. In the event of fire, men would stand guard to make sure no cats ran into the flames. When a cat died, its household would go into mourning, shaving their eyebrows to signify loss. Killing a cat, even accidentally, incurred the harsh penalty of death. —Copy Cats, Chapter 27

~Cats are one of the oldest mammals on the earth. Fossils of African wild cats from as early as thirty eight million years ago have been found and documented. —Copy Cats, Chapter 24

~The British proverb, "Curiosity killed the cat" warns that being inquisitive may bring trouble. The rejoinder, "satisfaction brought it back", tells the rest of the story. Cats exist in a constant state of tension between caution and curiosity. As long as they don’t know, they will be drawn to discovery. Once knowing is achieved, the game is over and the cat can move on to something else. —Cat’s Paw, Chapter 1

~Some superstitions claims that a black cat crossing one’s path bodes bad luck, but the Scots look upon our black moggies differently. In Scotland, an unfamiliar cat of black coloration suddenly appearing at the front door is a sign of good fortune. —Cat’s Paw, Chapter 3


~Cats know when their people are feeling poorly and may volunteer as a companion, sleeping nearby until they are better. Some cats even sense when a person is about to die and remain close as they take their final journey. —Cat’s Paw, Chapter 28

~According to medical studies, petting a cat can reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, and create feelings of well-being and comfort in their human companions. The low frequency vibration of a cat’s purr is said to induce bone growth, promote pain relief, and aid in the healing of tendons and muscles. —Cats’ Eyes, Chapter 12

~Cats can feel a change of weather. It may be that, with their superior senses, they pick up the smell of rain, the percussive vibration of thunder, or the shift in air pressure that signifies a coming storm. Or it may be another sense we humans know nothing about.  —Cosmic Cat, Chapter 12

I hope you find these tips interesting and useful. After all, for cat people, it’s all about cats!


About Mollie Hunt: Native Oregonian Mollie Hunt has always had an affinity for cats, so it was a short step for her to become a cat writer. Mollie Hunt writes the Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery series featuring Lynley Cannon, a sixty-something cat shelter volunteer who finds more trouble than a cat in catnip, and the Cat Seasons sci-fantasy tetralogy where cats save the world. She also pens a bit of cat poetry.

Mollie is a member of the Oregon Writers’ Colony, Sisters in Crime, the Cat Writers’ Association, and NIWA. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and a varying number of cats. Like Lynley, she is a grateful shelter volunteer.

You can find Mollie Hunt, Cat Writer on her blogsite:
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Cosmic Cat (Crazy Cat Lady Mystery) by Mollie Hunt

About Cosmic Cat

Cozy Mystery 6th in Series  
Independently Published (September 28, 2019)  
Paperback: 306 pages 
When a superhero cosplayer falls to his death at a comic con, Lynley is left holding the bag-- and a cat!
Who killed Captain Cat? His tribe wants to know.
When the Captain is murdered at Bridgetown Comic-con and philanthropist Esmae Westhouse is arrested for the crime, sixty-something cat shelter volunteer Lynley Cannon steps out of her comfort zone and dons her Star Trek uniform to expose the real killer.
A decade-spanninglove triangle, a band of vigilante cosplayers, a shady pharmaceutical company,and an ancient black cat named Kitty tie into a puzzling plot that has Lynley running in all directions. The death of Captain Cat is only the beginning, and Lynley must stay one step ahead of a ruthless hit man if she is to make it out alive.

About Mollie Hunt

Mollie Hunt: Native Oregonian Mollie Hunt has always had an affinity for cats, so it was a short step for her to become a cat writer. Mollie is the author of THE CRAZY CAT LADY COZY MYSTERY SERIES, featuring Portlander Lynley Cannon, a sixty-something cat shelter volunteer who finds more trouble than a cat in catnip. The 3rd in the series, CAT’S PAW, was a finalist for the 2016 Mystery & Mayhem Book Award, and the 5th, CAT CAFÉ, won the World’s Best Cat Litter-ary Award in 2019.
Mollie’s sci-fantasy, CAT SUMMER (Fire Star Press) is the first in her CAT SEASONS TETRALOGY where cats save the world from an evil older than history—twice! Mollie also published a non-cat mystery, PLACID RIVER RUNS DEEP, which delves into murder, obsession, and the challenge of chronic illness in bucolic southwest Washington. Two of her short cat stories have been published in anthologies, one of which, THE DREAM SPINNER, won the prestigious CWA Muse Medallion. She has a little book of Cat Poems as well.
Mollie is a member of the Oregon Writers’ Colony, Sisters in Crime, Willamette Writers, the Cat Writers’ Association, and NIWA. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and a varying number of cats. Like Lynley, she is a grateful shelter volunteer.

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Twitter @MollieHuntCats  
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Tell Me No Lies - A Review & Giveaway


TELL ME NO LIES by Shelley Noble
The Second Lady Dunbridge Mystery

Free of the constraints of British High Society Lady Philomena Dunbridge is happy with her new life in New York City. A late night turns into an early morning when her host of the night before arrives before breakfast requesting her help. Another guest has had an unfortunate "accident" and is dead. Thrilled to look into matters Phil soon determines the young man was murdered, and powers higher than expected want the matter closed. Bringing Detective Sergeant Atkins on board, Phil is determined to help, much to his annoyance. Along with her plucky maid and loyal butler, Phil will join the high society bankers, businessmen, and their families to discover just who killed the heir to the Fauks fortune.

TELL ME NO LIES is a delightful mystery set within the posh backdrop of Gilded Age New York. I adore Phil. Though she may be a Countess, and a dowager at that, Phil is down to earth and well able to mingle with all classes and values the importance of them all. She is shrewd, loyal, and discerning, while also being capable of great fun. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Phil also knows her limitations and strives to learn more, but is well aware when she needs to bring in help. I'm almost as drawn to Mr. X as she is. I like that his identity is still a secret and am curious just how many players there are. Is he the one supporting her in her new mission? Or is he working for that party? And what of Detective Adkins? Whatever the case, I enjoy the romantic overtones both bring to the page. Lily and Preswick also bring a great deal to the page. They are not just devoted servants, they are family and I love that Phil realizes this. Just a Friend is a great addition to the team and I'm delighted that several of the colorful characters from the first book are not only back, but back to help!

The mystery itself in this second Lady Dunbridge Mystery was fascinating. Just why was the young heir killed? Revenge for past deeds, business gone bad, love turned sour? I was as much at a loss as Lady Dunbridge. The stock market, banking, economics, war, how do these matters fit in? Do they? Although a historical mystery the themes and issues are as relevant today as they were then and readers should take note.

TELL ME NO LIES is a historical novel that has it all, comedy, romance, an intricately laid mystery, well developed characters, and a thrilling chase scene! I wait in eager anticipation for Lady Dunbridge's next adventure!


Tell Me No Lies: A Lady Dunbridge Novel by Shelley Noble

About Tell Me No Lies

Historical Cozy Mystery 2nd in Series  
Forge Books (November 5, 2019)  
Hardcover: 368 pages 
Miss Fisher meets Downton Abbey in Tell Me No Lies, part of the critically acclaimed Lady Dunbridge Mystery series from New York Times bestselling author Shelley Noble.
Rise and shine, Countess, you’re about to have a visitor.
Lady Dunbridge was not about to let a little thing like the death of her husband ruin her social life. She’s come to New York City, ready to take the dazzling world of Gilded Age Manhattan by storm. The social events of the summer have been amusing but Lady Phil is searching for more excitement---and she finds it, when an early morning visitor arrives, begging for her help. After all, Lady Phil has been known to be useful in a crisis. Especially when the crisis involves the untimely death of a handsome young business tycoon.
His death could send another financial panic through Wall Street and beyond.
With the elegant Plaza Hotel, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the opulent mansions of Long Island’s Gold Coast as the backdrop, romance, murder, and scandals abound. Someone simply must do something. And Lady Dunbridge is happy to oblige.

About Shelley Noble

Shelley Noble is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary women’s fiction. (Beach Colors, Whisper Beach, Lighthouse Beach.) And the author of the Lady Dunbridge Gilded Age Manhattan mysteries. Tell Me No Lies is the latest of the series. She has written eighteen amateur sleuth and historical mystery novels and novellas as Shelley Freydont. (The Sudoku Murders, Celebration Bay mysteries, The Gilded Age Newport mysteries. A former professional dancer and choreographer, Shelley lives at the Jersey shore where she loves to discover new beaches and indulge her passion for lighthouses, vintage carousels, and the past.

Author Links:

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Threshold of Deceit - A Review


The Second Blackwell and Watson Time-Travel Mystery

In 1934 the death of the local lothario leads Detective Steven Blackwall into another murder investigation. Could it have been an old girlfriend, an angry husband, or perhaps even his wife who finally had enough of Frankie Russo? Olivia Watson has her own mystery to solve when her elderly friend tells her she has a twin, one she never met, but hopes to find. As Blackwell and his team search for answers Steven and Olivia continue their experiments with time-travel. While Olivia and he have shared evenings together in their house, neither have left its apparent safety, or each other. Olivia is ready to step eighty years in the past and begins to walk the streets and interact with the people of 1934. Will Olivia find the missing sibling? Will Steven find the murderer?

An intricately plotted mystery is the highlight of THRESHOLD OF DECEIT. Lots of suspects and surprises along the way kept my interest piqued. I also appreciated the details included in the investigation, the process of which was fascinating, especially considering the differences police officers faced in 1934 as opposed to today.

Olivia plays a more important role, not only in Steven's life, but in the mystery itself in this second Blackwell and Watson Time Travel Mystery. No longer an interesting side note and a respite for a grieving detective, Olivia and her ideas and opinions have more significance. Her acceptance of the past and how she does her best to fit in is admirable as is her ability to still remain true to herself.

THRESHOLD OF DECEIT brings the past and present together in a unique mystery.