Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Cobra Clutch by A.J. Devlin. This book is the first in the "Hammerhead" Jed Mystery series.

Jed Ounstead walked away from the world of professional wrestling, but gets a blast from his past when his former tag team partner comes to him asking for help. Someone has kidnapped Johnny Mamba's beloved pet snake, Ginger. With no chance of Johnny taking no for an answer, Jed reluctantly agrees to help, despite not being a PI, although he does run errands for his PI father. Now "Hammerhead" Jed is forced to go back into the world he left behind. With his innate ability to piss people off along with his determination to help Johnny, Jed soon has a sleazy promoter and a biker gang gunning for him. He does have a former member of the IRA along with his dad's protegee on his side, but will that be enough? Will Jed live to enjoy another banana milkshake?

If you missed it, be sure to check out my interview with author, A.J. Devlin.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hightail it to Kinsey Falls - Book Blast

Hightail It to Kinsey Falls (Kinsey Falls Series) by Gayle Leeson

About the Book

Women's Fiction 1st in Series  
Grace Abraham Publishing (May 22, 2018) Print Length: 139 pages 
All work and no play make Jade a dull girl.
Jade Burt can do without her grandmother’s meddling in her love life. But when Millie finds an abandoned baby possum, it leads her to Caleb Young. Caleb would be perfect for Jade! When Jade meets Caleb, it’s hard to argue with her grandmother’s choice. Still, Jade is determined to push Caleb away, but his friendship with Millie concerns her. What if he’s a slick con man trying to take advantage of a sweet old lady? Jade needs to figure Caleb out before he breaks her grandmother’s heart…and Jade’s too!

About the Author


Gayle Leeson is a pseudonym for Gayle Trent. I also write as Amanda Lee. As Gayle Trent, I write the Daphne Martin Cake Mystery series and the Myrtle Crumb Mystery series. As Amanda Lee, I write the Embroidery Mystery series.

I live in Virginia with my family, which includes my own “Angus” who is not an Irish wolfhound but a Great Pyrenees who provides plenty of inspiration for the character of Mr. O’Ruff. I'm having a blast writing this new series! But, never fear, I'm also working on a new cozy mystery series as well.


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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cozy Up With Kathy's Scavenger Hunt

I'm always looking for new and different way to promote books and their authors. I love for things to be interactive and fun and so I came up with an idea. Why not have a scavenger hunt? It would have to be a modified version of a hunt, but why not?

The Cozy Up With Kathy Scavenger Hunt requires participants to take photos which meet certain specifications. Each photo that successfully meets the criteria will earn the reader one credit. Readers can earn up to 10 credits, but it only takes one to win!

The Scavenger Hunt is open to people world wide! One winner will receive the Grand Prize prize: a book costing $8 US or less from either Amazon or the Book Depository.  There will be two runner up prizes as well for people with US addresses. These will be swag bags.

I have set up 10 tasks for readers to complete, taking a photo of themselves, or a token that represents them, with a book and an item that represents that book! I decided to ask for a photo of the person or token so that people wouldn't just grab photos off the web, but actually have the items in hand. I'd love for you to play along!

Here is the basic description, along with the rules:

It's a Scavenger Hunt! Now, since we're online, things are a little different. You'll need a camera (or some device that can take a photo), some books (e-books are fine), some items relating to mystery books, and some creativity. I'm going to list "10 things". You will need to photograph YOURSELF or a token that represents you with the mystery book and its related item. No pulling pics off the internet, you must take them (or someone takes them for you). When finished send 1 e-mail with all the photos with descriptions to me at cozyupwithkathy @

1. A photo of yourself (or token) with the book you're currently reading. This is the only book that does NOT have to be a mystery/thriller.
2. Do you live in a location where a mystery is set? Take a photo of yourself or the same token, something indicating your location, and the book set there.
3. A picture of you or the same token, something indicative of a culinary mystery, and the book to which it relates.
4. A picture of you or the same token with something paranormal and said paranormal mystery.
5. You or the same token participating in a craft, game, or hobby, and the corresponding mystery book.
6. You or the same token with an animal and a mystery that features that type of animal.
7. You or the same token with some sort of holiday accoutrements and a mystery set during that holiday (or a mystery that features that holiday).
8. You or the same token with a beverage and the mystery that features that beverage.
9. You or the same token with a book from your favorite mystery series or by your favorite mystery author and something that relates to that book or author.
10. Choose a book I featured on my blog during March or April 2018. Take a picture of yourself or the same token, that book, and something that relates to it.

You will receive one entry for each photo that meets the requirements. However, they must all be sent at the same time! One e-mail only. One winner will be selected to win a book costing $8 or less from Amazon (US) or the Book Depository (Worldwide). Two runners up with US addresses will receive swag envelopes. Entries must be received by 11:59pm EDT Thursday May 31, 2018. Not responsible for misdirected e-mail.

I have also created a Facebook Event Page where people may post their photos throughout the event. Just remember, posting them here doesn't count as an entry, but rather it's a way to share in the fun! 

I hope you'll consider joining in the fun!

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Persian Always Meows Twice - Review


The First Cat Groomer Mystery

Cassie McGlone recently moved to Chadwick, New Jersey and opened Cassie's Comfy Cats, a cat grooming and boarding business. While most clients come to her shop, Cassie made the exception for millionaire George DeLeuw and his lovely Persian, Harpo. When she arrives for a grooming appointment, she finds the front door open and a scared Harpo outdoors. Inside she finds George's murdered body. Cassie is determined to keep Harpo safe, and if that means finding George's killer, so be it!

There are so many things I like about this book. I love that Cassie specializes in grooming cats, and wish I could have taken my semi-longed haired cat, Seneca, to her.  I also like how she uses her psychology background to help train cats. I enjoy the fact that Cassie doesn't start out trying to solve the murder, but rather she does what any animal lover would do- help Harpo. Of course, in trying to both protect Harpo and find him a good home she eventually ends up working to discover the murderer. There are plenty of diverse characters and enough red herrings to keep readers guessing.

THE PERSIAN ALWAYS MEOWS TWICE is an intelligent realistic mystery which shares responsible pet advice while providing plenty of thrills.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Currently Reading...

I just finished reading The Persian Always Meows Twice by Eileen Watkins. This book is the first in the Cat Groomer Mystery series.

Cassie McGlone recently moved to Chadwick, New Jersey and opened Cassies Comfy Cats, a cat grooming and boarding business. While most clients come to her shop, Cassie made the exception for millionaire George DeLeuw and his lovely Persian, Harpo. When she arrives for a grooming appointment, she finds the front door open and a scared Harpo outdoors. Inside she finds George's murdered body. Cassie is determined to keep Harpo safe, and if that means finding George's killer, so be it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Visit & Giveaway with Lissa Marie Redmond

I'm pleased to welcome Lissa Marie Redmond back to Cozy Up With Kathy. Lissa's first full length novel, A COLD DAY IN HELL, was released in February. It is the first in the Cold Case Investigation Mystery series.

Kathy: A COLD DAY IN HELL was your first full length novel. How has life changed for you after its publication?

LMR: It’s been a very eye-opening journey. I was overwhelmed by the support of my family and neighbors here in the city of Buffalo, my new online friends, and in the writing community. Changing speeds from cop to writer has definitely improved my health, helped me make new friends, and has broadened my world.

Kathy: In regards to writing, what's the best thing that has happened to you since being published?

LMR: I appreciate all the people I have gotten a chance to meet at book signings, libraries, and book clubs. I still can not believe they want to hear what I have to say! But I also enjoy listening to my readers' stories as well. I’m amazed at the different ways readers have connected with my characters. I love to hear what they took away from my book. It’s the ultimate compliment to a writer.

Kathy: Authors are required to do a lot of their own marketing, especially for a new release. What's your favorite part of marketing your work? What do you dislike about marketing?

LMR: I don’t mind making appearances, doing book signings, or being a guest on blogs (although I have a comma problem that I’m very self-conscious about and try to run everything through a second reader). The only thing I dislike about marketing is there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done.

Kathy: When it comes to writing I understand there are 2 general camps-plotters, who diligently plot their stories, and pansters, who fly by the seat of their pants. Are you a plotter, a panster, or do you fall somewhere in between?

LMR: My first book, A COLD DAY IN HELL, was totally by the seat of my pants. Book two, which I’m working on, is a little less so, but book three has already been plotted out. So I’m evolving from a pantser to a plotter as I go.

Kathy: Are you able to share any future plans for Detective Lauren Riley?

LMR: Lauren has at least two more appearances in two subsequent books. She seems to attract a lot of trouble where ever she goes, so there may be even more stories in the works for her. She’s a fun character to write, because she is so unlike me. I get to take some risks with her that I wouldn’t take myself. And I love to take her in some totally new directions.

Kathy: Will you share any other upcoming books?

LMR: The second book in my Cold Case Investigation series is set to come out in February, 2019. Lauren and many of the characters from A COLD DAY IN HELL make it into the book, but I can tell you they don’t all make it to book three!

Kathy: What's one piece of advice you'd give to an aspiring writer?

Write every single day. Even if it’s only a paragraph. Even if you don’t feel like it. Even if you don’t think you’ve got anything to say. Get in the habit of writing and the words will come. Will everything you write be a masterpiece? No, but you’ll learn something from it, even if it’s what not to do. And don’t give up. Writing is a tough business. You have to believe in yourself and your work.

Keep in touch with Lissa Marie Redmond with these links:

Twitter: @Lissa_Marie_Redmond

One lucky reader will receive an autographed copy of A COLD DAY IN HELL. (Sorry, due to postal costs US addresses only.) Simply leave a comment on this blog post no later than 11:59pm EDT Wednesday, May 16, 2018 answering the following question: Since Detective Lauren Riley has such a rotten love life, should she keep looking for Mr. Right or get a dog? Be sure to include your e-mail address so that I can contact you should you win.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Dead as a Doornail Mother's Day Interview & Review

I'm pleased as punch to have Viv Lowry visit Cozy Up With Kathy today. You can find Viv on the pages of the Kenni Lowry Mystery series by Tonya Kappes. DEAD AS A DOORNAIL is the fifth book in the series and will be released Tuesday!

Kathy: Viv, I'd like to thank you so much for spending part of your Mother's Day here with us. To commemorate this holiday, do you have any special Mother's Day memories from when Kenni was little?

Viv: Oh yes. I would take her to a little boutique in Lexington and get her the cutest little ruffled dress, ruffled socks and the cutest Mary Jane patent leather shoes. Now...that's not to say she wasn't a pill when trying them on or maybe I took a nerve pill when she was trying them on, but we always looked so cute at church. At least, I thought she looked cute.

Kathy: What's your favorite thing about being a mama?

Viv: Kenni wasn't always the easiest girly girl. She liked watching all those Western movies with my dad, her Poppa. It just plum wore me out! But I knew that baking and cooking for her was a way to keep her in the kitchen. I loved talking to her and spending time with her.

Kathy: What's the thing you like most about your daughter being the Sheriff of Cottonwood?

Viv: I like that she's in charge and knows everything before the Henny Hens. I get the gossip before it gets to them, if you know what I mean.

Kathy: What's your least favorite thing about having your daughter be the sheriff?

Viv: I hate how she carries that darn gun. I tell her all the time that she could just carry some lysol and spray it at people, but she insists on that darn weapon.

Kathy: Do you think Kenni takes more after you or your husband?

Viv: Neither. She's my daddy made over. Down to the occupation.

Kathy: I freely admit to a hankering for your pot pie...but I do have a fear. I love pot pies, but I hate pees and so many pot pies have pees in them! Are there any pees in your pot pie?

Viv: A little secret, you can put any vegetables in your pot pie. You can skip the pees all together. But you do know that if you eat your pees with honey, it makes your pees taste funny, it sticks them to your knife and I've eaten them that way all my life.

Kathy: You were a prime murder suspect when I last wrote about your daughter. Has that changed your outlook on life?

Viv: Nothing! I can't worry about no little murder. I've got bigger things to do. Another little secrets. . . .I've got Kenni being a the maid of honor in the Mayor's and Polly Parker's wedding. Its' probably the closest time I'll ever see her walk down the aisle.

Kathy: What's one piece of advice you could give all the mamas out there?

Viv: No matter what dreams you have for your children, you'll be amazed at the wonderful adults they turn into.



DEAD AS A DOORNAIL by Tonya Kappes
The Fifth Kenni Lowry Mystery

Lucy Ellen Lowell may have been an adult, but her behavior was more that of a spoiled brat. If she didn't get what she wanted when she wanted it, she was apt to not only cause a scene, but write a negative, mean spirited review in the newspaper.  When Kenni gets a call from Lucy Ellen's husband saying his wife is dead Kenni rushes to the scene to find Lucy Ellen not only dead, but murdered. It may look like a heart attack, but Poppa's presence indicates murder. Who Killed Lucy Ellen? Could it be Tina? Possibly Jolee? Or some other recipient of Lucy Ellen's hate filled rants? Kenni must solve the murder with help of her Poppa's ghost while enjoying her developing romantic relationship with her deputy. However, the Sheriff's biggest problem is filling in as maid of honor for Cottonwood's preeminent wedding in a dress right out of Gone With the Wind...the Carol Burnett Edition!

It's great being back in Cottonwood, engaging with these wonderful characters. I want to play euchre and eat those delicious goodies the ladies bring. I also want give Duke a big hug and a treat! I love seeing Kenni's relationship with Finn blossom. Finn is a perfect partner in more ways than one! Not only is he the perfect law enforcement backup, he's a fantastic boyfriend as well. I like that Kenni is now using the techniques she uses with her Poppa with Finn as they solve the case together. But she's keeping one major secret from him...will telling him destroy what they're building together?

There are always lots of laughs in a Kenni Lowry mystery and DEAD AS A DOORNAIL is chock full. Between "happy fat", bridesmaid duties, and quirky southern characters, readers will be giggling as Kenni solves her latest murder.

DEAD AS A DOORNAIL will put a smile on your face with its finely tuned mystery infused with Southern charm.

Friday, May 11, 2018

A Magick Run Amok Interview, Review, and Giveaway

I'm thrilled to welcome Merlin, yes, THAT Merlin, to Cozy Up With Kathy today. You can find Merlin on the pages of the Abracadabra Mystery series by Sharon Pape. MAGICK RUN AMOK is the third book in the series and was released May 1st.

Kathy: I'm so honored to meet you Merlin. Tell me, what was it like one moment being in Camelot, the next in New Camel, New York?

Merlin: First may I say that I am equally honored to meet you, Kathy. As you might imagine, the trip was quite jarring and disorienting, especially since I am no longer a young man. Meeting Kailyn Wilde and her aunt Matilda of the fiery red hair made the unplanned journey less upsetting than it might have been. Of course Kailyn was to some degree responsible for it, but we could go around and around that bush for a long time without getting anywhere. Although I often miss my life in Camelot and all my friends there, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to experience the many wonders of this twentieth century. Between you and me, one of the inventions I enjoy the most is being able to take care of my bodily functions indoors in comfort.

Kathy: What is the biggest challenge living in the modern world?

Merlin: My inability to do many things because I don’t have the necessary papers. According to my hosts, obtaining such papers legally is quite impossible when one has come here from another time. I am also restricted from speaking my mind, because the Wildes are endlessly worried I’ll be locked up in a ward for the mentally insane. Can you imagine?!

Kathy: What do you miss most about your own time?

Merlin: My standing. I was revered for my magickal powers. I had unfettered access to the court and to King Arthur himself, who held me in high esteem and often asked my counsel.

Kathy: If you could have one thing from your old life with you now, what would it be?

Merlin: Freedom. Freedom to do what I please whenever I please.

Kathy: What's you favorite food?

Merlin: Oh that’s a difficult question. I could say pizza, but then I think about ice cream and I’m unable to decide between them. There’s also pie and cakes and cookies of every sort. Is it lunchtime yet? I’m suddenly famished. I must go find Matilda or Kailyn and see what’s for lunch.

Kathy: What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone exploring their own magickal power.

Merlin: We are all endowed with powers, some magickal in nature and some more mundane, but no less important. If you act in accordance with your best nature, you will come to understand your particular power and find satisfaction in using it.



MAGICK RUN AMOK by Sharon Pape
The Third Abracadabra Mystery

Merlin, yes, that Merlin, is a magician on a mission. He's determined to changed the name of New Camel back to it's original name, a mission that could do more harm than good! It also seems that Aunt Tilly has developed a new power and it's one she really doesn't want. Tilly can predict death. Sadly, her prediction is realized when Travis finds his missing journalist brother dead. And Travis doesn't think it was an accident. He's asked for Kailyn's help and the two of them are out to discover what story he was working on and if that's what got him killed!

What fun to be back in New Camel, NY! I live not too far from this fictional town and so wish I could meander the aisles of Abracadabra and pick out some products for myself! Truth be told, I'd also be popping across the street to get some of Lolly's fudge! I love the banter between Tilly and Merlin as well as Kailyn's recently dead, but not so departed, mother and grandmother. With all of the nuttiness, I appreciate how down to earth Kailyn is. It's satisfying how Kailyn uses legwork, research, and a little bit of magick to track down a killer.

While there are plenty of laughs to be found here, MAGICK RUN AMOK also touches on some more serious subjects, primarily loss and love, including the lengths you go to for a loved one. The book deals with losing loved ones, yet celebrating the family you have left, whether that family is biological or the one you create for yourself.

MAGICK RUN AMOK is delightful fun with quirky characters and a complicated mystery. 

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