Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Hero Worship by Dawn Calvert. Not a mystery, this book is a romance, a time-travel Regency romance. The book has a unique twist.  Andi Lofton-Hale is a modern day English teacher who falls in love with the hero of a Regency era novel. She wishes upon a wishing stone (given to her when she purchased the book) and is transported back in time, into the book itself. The problem is, she's not the heroine, she's just a minor character. The twist is that these characters know they are part of a book and are wont to go against the wishes of Louisa, the author. Andi struggles to overcome her character, be herself, and get her hero. I like the book, but am not enthralled. I thought I'd enjoy it a lot more and I'm not sure why I don't.

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