Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Inherit the Word by Daryl Wood Gerber. This book is the second in the Cookbook Nook Mystery series. The book will be released March 4th.

I really enjoyed the first book in this new series and was excited to see what happened next, especially after that ending in Final Sentence. The mystery of Jenna's husband continues as Jenna prepares to host the Grill Fest. Cooking competitions can get fierce and there was no love lost between Natalie and some of her other contestants. Natalie won't get her 8th consecutive win, however, instead she gets murdered. Jenna's second mom is a prime suspect and, although Jenna doesn't want to get involved, she has to look into things, at least a little.

I enjoy the adventures of Jenna learning to cook, the antics of Tigger, and all the talk of grilled cheese, so I'm going to stop writing this post and continue reading this fun book!

Recipes are included! Since Daryl Wood Gerber is also Avery Aames, author of the Cheese Shop Mystery series, you can be sure the grilled cheese concoctions will be wonderful!

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  1. I was just posting about that book for this week's Waiting on Wednesday. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Or is that sink my teeth into it. But there are so many books I want to read coming out right now....