Friday, October 31, 2014

Review - Nightmares Can Be Murder


Nightmares Can Be Murder by Mary Kennedy
The First Dream Club Mystery

In Nightmares Can Be Murder by Mary Kennedy, Taylor Black has returned to Savannah to help her sister, Ali, and Ali's struggling business, Oldies but Goodies, a candy store that specializes in old fashioned candies. It's not all sister bonding or marketing though. Ali, always intrigued by the unconscious mind, has created a dream club. Taylor, who doesn't believe in dream interpretation, is nonetheless persuaded to join Ali and her friends as they discuss each others dreams and their possible meanings. While enjoying Ali's homemade treats, Persia tells the group that she dreamt a man was murdered and described the scene. Imagine everyone's shock when the local Lothario (who Ali once dated) if found dead-just as the man in Persia's dream.

Are the answers to the mysteries of the universe simply locked in your subconscious mind? Do dreams hold the key? I've always been fascinated by dreams and dream interpretation. I may not be a pure Freudian, or Jungian, for that matter, but their takes on the subject are simply fascinating.

In Nightmares Can Be Murder, dreams seem to be supplying clues as well as insight into the recent murder. Members of the dream club have been asked to think about the victim in order to hopefully dream of him and reveal clues to his murder. Sure enough, the group members dreams reveal many details-some of which certain members wish were left undiscovered.

Mary Kennedy is off to a great start with her Dream Club Mystery series. A cast of unique characters with hidden, and not so hidden depth, cute cats, a burgeoning re-romance, and above all, a well crafted mystery make Nightmares Can Be Murder a mystery lovers dream!

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