Friday, December 26, 2014

Review - A Haunting is Brewing


 A Haunting is Brewing by Juliet Blackwell
A Haunted Home Renovation and a Witchcraft Mystery Novella

 Mel Turner has been called upon to help get the Spooner House, a volunteer run museum, up to code so that it can be used as the site for a fundraising Halloween Ball. She's "assisted" by college theatre students and Maya, who heard about the fundraiser from Lily Ivory who donated clothes to the museum. Things get odd when the life sized dolls made by Mr. Spooner himself in the 1800s seem to have a life of their own. When Mel and Maya discover the body of one of the students dead in the house, they realize something dangerous is going on. Maya suggests Mel call upon Lily for help and soon all are involved to try to discover what is going on in the haunted house.

It's always fun imagining what would happen if I got to meet the characters in favorite books. The next best thing? Having characters from different books meet up!

A Haunting is Brewing is told from Mel Turner's point of view, the protagonist in The Haunted Home Renovation Mystery series. While I have enjoyed the books I've read in this series, I must admit that I'm behind. I am, however, up to date with the Witchcraft Mystery series and was delighted when Mel contacted Lily for help. I have more of an affinity with Lily. I'm pretty sure I'd have better results brewing a spell than performing home repairs!

Although short, it is a novella, there is a solid mystery with a definite creep factor. Sorry, to me dolls are creepy anyway and once you add Halloween and possible're going to wish you had a voodoo guy! A Haunting is Brewing is a quick read for fans of Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft Mystery series, her Haunted Home Renovation series, both, or even readers unfamiliar with either series.


  1. Thank you for the intro and review Kathy! I've yet to read anything by Juliet. I just might give this one a try.
    Happy New Year!
    Sandy in So. Cali

    1. Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft Mystery series is probably my favorite current series! I adore it.