Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just Stepping Out for a Quart of Milk…. Guest Post

Just Stepping Out for a Quart of Milk….
 By Barbara Jean Coast

Hi there, Kathy and the rest of the guys and dolls! It’s such an honor to be featured on your blog, Kathy dear. Thank you so much. Today, yours truly needed to step out to the market to get a few necessities. You know — milk, butter, eggs and a few unmentionables that will go unmentioned. Well, how flabbergasting it was to see the sea of flannel, ratty, plastic resemblances of shoes and tank tops that show a couple of bumps that should be well secured in holders, that I just had to explain to you how in my day we would just pop out to get a few things. Going shopping was an outing, an event — even the short errands. Why, it wasn’t a chore, it was a social whirl if done correctly. You never knew who you would meet and greet — could be your best friend, your man’s boss’s wife, a relative, or some dashing new stranger if you were looking for some fresh fish in the sea. You could end up at cocktails, lunch or both! You would dress to impress, to attract your admirers or exceed the expectations of your enemies. Here’s how getting ready for Mr. DeMille's close up was done.

 Let’s start down to the bare essentials — always have on clean underwear — heaven forbid you are out and a cute ambulance attendant sees an embarrassment such as a rip or worse while tending to your emergency. Your girdle should cinch just so — the hourglass leaves you with sand in all the right places. Your brassiere not only lifts and separates, but cantilevers the right angles by making sure you come to just enough of a point to be seen but not obscene. The photo on the right should help you. Be sure your stockings are free of runs, the weave lies straight along your legs, the toes and heels align properly. Your garters should have proper grips to keep your “legs up!”

Next, depending on your choice of attire, a nice, silky full or half slip will be in order. Choose either a silk or one of those new nylon blends for the economic minded. They’ll smooth out the sharp angles and tough seams needed to hold that super-duper girdle in place. Also, a little lace around the decollete and hem makes it just that much more special.

And ladies, don’t forget the crinoline to give your skirt that beautiful, wide sweep! Over the slip will keep the crisp, firm netting from feeling too scratchy on your dainty gams, or even worse — snagging your stockings!

For your dress, be sure to choose a kicky plaid, fun print or lively color in a cotton chintz or delightful duppioni to glimmer and shine just enough under those bright supermarket lights.

Now then, your other attributes — nails, hair and face. I must confess something to you. I have knowledge of the fact that Andrea and Heather have gone to the market ‘au naturale’ that is without painted eyes or lips, sillies, not the Lady Godiva version (perhaps with twenty years less on them they could have gotten their groceries for free, not so the case now…) but I have to be done. A swoosh of liquid eyeliner, a brush of blush, and a swath of lipstick with a matching tint on my nails will be just fine if I am in a hurry. Accessorize with patent pumps featuring a stiletto or kitten heel, matching handbag, string of pearls, and cotton gloves (just to the wrist) should suffice.

A dab of Chanel Number 5 behind the ears and on the wrists will do very nicely. A quick tease of your hair, maybe add a ribbon or bow at an adventurous and jaunty angle gives any girl that carefree, easy, breezy look.

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