Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Shopping Challenge

I've always been quite varied in my reading habits, although always tending to read more mystery, romance, and paranormal. However, since starting this blog I have been reading mostly mysteries, with periodic stops at other genres. I don't have enough time to read all the cozies I need and want to read, let alone all of the other wonderful books out there.

I met a friend at a bookshop the other day and was browsing through the entire store. I was "good" and only bought one book-and it wasn't a mystery. It was a book about garlic-it's history, lore, and more! I haven't had a chance to read it yet, and who knows when I will, but it's mine and I know I'll savour it when the time is right.

I decided to give myself a challenge. As an Easter present for myself instead of only buying cozy mysteries, which would be so easy and worthwhile to do, I'm going to branch out. Here's my challenge-and I challenge you to do the same. I will be buying 5 books, all from different sections of the bookstore. (I chose 5 purely for monetary reasons-I would love to choose more, but I can only spend so much money.) Although I will gladly peruse the entire bookstore, I intended to choose my 5 genres beforehand. However my last choice was difficult as I had several other sections I wanted to use, so the 5th will be dependent upon what catches my eye. It may be YA, Craft, Children's, Romance, or a magazine. Or something else entirely!

I will buy one book from each of the following bookstore sections: Mystery (I just have to have one), Local History, New Age/Religion, Food, and TBD.

I will report back on my specific choices. Now I want to hear from you. In what sections will you be shopping? Tell me your genres and titles-let's broaden each other's reading choices.


  1. I get my non cozy reads from my public library. That's their purpose. I too have a budget limit for book purchases and my money will be spent on cozies. With the library's help, my challenge to read other subject areas is easily fulfilled and not limited to 5 areas. Sounds like I'm promoting National Library Week early.

    1. Libraries are wonderful places-especially when managing a budget. I'll be posting my purchases this coming week. I hope you'll share your picks once you make them as well.