Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spotlight - The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss

I'd like to shine a spotlight on another new release. The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss by Krista Davis was published this month. This book is the 9th book in the Domestic Diva Mystery Series.

From the back cover:

The New York Times Bestselling author of The Diva Wraps it Up unwraps an all-new tale in which chocolate is the kiss of death.

Domestic diva Sophie Winston is in charge of the sweetest event in Old Town this summer. Amore Chocolates is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary with a chocolate tasting at the mansion of the company's CEO, Joe Merano-and Sophie is running the show. With cookies, candy, and five kinds of chocolate cake, it's a chocolate lover's dream! But after Joe goes missing, the celebration becomes bittersweet. And when Sophie discovers the body of a competing chocolatier in the guesthouse the event turns downright deadly.

As if that wasn't enough, Sophie's been receiving daily boxes of sweet treats. After ruling out her new beau and her exes, Sophie wonders if someone's trying to send her a message-and if she's next on a chocoholic's hit list...

Recipes Included

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  1. I adore the Domestic Diva Mystery Series, and I am looking forward to reading The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss. :)