Sunday, May 15, 2016

Personal Preferences

Everyone has certain likes and interests, as well as turn offs. These personal preferences apply to books as well. When I find a mystery that has something to do with something I enjoy, it's more apt to pique my interest, thereby leading me to buy the book. Ooohh a mystery involving ghosts in WNY, a story about off track thoroughbreds, a cozy told from the cat's perspective...these are all hooks for me.

However, there are also turn offs. Topics and features you just don't care to be involved with. No matter how good the writer, if she or he has too much of something you don't like you may not buy that book. In fact the book may be near to brilliant, but if it has too much of something you don't care for it may not reach that five star rating for you...and you may not choose to read any more books in that series.

So what are some turn offs? Obviously this varies for readers-what's a turn off for some may just be a turn on for someone else. While my mom is an animal lover, she doesn't like it when animals speak in books. Me? I love hearing the animals speak and getting their perspectives!

Many people don't like explicit sex, violence, and language, subjects generally left out of cozies. I enjoy a good romance and say bring on explicit sex! (As long as it's character driven and/or plot related.) Language: I sometimes swear like a sailor, so it doesn't bother me. Violence-meh. While not a fan of graphic violence, and I don't appreciate gore, I wouldn't say it's a decided turn off for me. That being said, if you hurt an animal other than a human you've just ruined the book for me. This recently happened with two mysteries, one much worse than the other. I stuck with both books, both of which were very well written. I read the second book in one of the series and am glad I did as it was great! The second series...I'm not so sure about. We'll have to see when the next book appears.

I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority, but for me children and babies are a turn off. It's OK when kids are in books, but I start getting annoyed when they're the be all end all. Start gushing about getting pregnant, being pregnant, having've just derailed my interest. Too much about children and parenting and you've lost me.

It's a double edged sword for writers as the same things that may pull certain reader in may turn others off! You just can't please everyone!

What are some turn offs and turn ons for you?

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