Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review - Death on Windmill Way


The First Hamptons Murder Mystery

Antonia Bingham has finally escaped from an abusive husband in California and is starting over across the country. With a love of cooking and not much experience, Antonia bought the dilapidated old Windmill Inn in the Hamptons and poured all of her money, sparing no expense, into refurbishing it into a high end inn and restaurant. She soon discovered, however, that not only was her money running out, but the previous owners of the inn had died under suspicious circumstances. Was there some inn owner killing lunatic on the prowl? Not trusting the police, her abusive ex-husband was a cop, Antonia starts looking into the previous owner's death. Will her questions cause a killer to act once more or will Antonia be able to save her own skin and bring a murderer to justice? 

Carrie Doyle gathers an interesting group of characters in her first Hamptons Murder Mystery. Antonia is a strong woman with a certain naivete who is determined to discover the truth behind the deaths of the previous innkeepers while trying to make certain she's not next to die! There's the vintage clothe wearing manager with an attitude, a flakey best friend, a volatile cooking crew, and a debonnaire father figure. There's also a lot of suspicious behavior as the number of possible suspects increases. Not only do they have motives, their actions belie their innocence.

The mystery took a while to draw me in, but soon I was eagerly involved in the story. There were moments that made me laugh, picturing the scene in my head, and moments that were touching. A most satisfying conclusion rounded out DEATH ON WINDMILL WAY and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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