Friday, March 3, 2017

Pekoe Most Poison - Review


The 18th Tea Shop Mystery

When Theodosia and Drayton are invited to a posh tea event, they enjoy the teas and the food, happy to be served instead of serving. A pleasant afternoon turns tragic with series of events that start with a minor fire and end with the death of their histrionic host's husband. Theo suspects murder and is soon proven correct. Now, in order to help the historical society, Theodosia will look into the murder on behalf of the new widow.

Theodosia and the gang are at it again in this, the eighteenth tea shop mystery. This time Drayton, instead of trying to hold her back, is the one who encourages Theo to once again get involved in a murder investigation. Noticeably absent from the investigation was Detective Tidwell, and while I missed his noshing at the Indigo Tea Shop I was pleased to meet Detective Pete Riley; a smart, open minded detective and a new love interest for Theo all in one!

Childs introduces a unique Charleston tradition in PEKOE MOST POISON, the modern version of a rat tea complete with liveried servers wearing rat masks. The servers aren't the only ones wearing masks, albeit they are the only ones to literally do so. Masks here include public personas, both over and under played, underlying motives, and serve to hide the truth.

Laura Childs has once again provided an intriguing mystery in a delightful setting. Surrounded by one of my favorite subjects, tea, she infuses the right amount of history, food, and fun. 

Recipes and Tea Time Tips included.

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