Sunday, April 16, 2017

Southern Fried - Review


SOUTHERN FRIED by Tonya Kappes
The Second Kenni Lowry Mystery

Prized tomatoes. okra, and a cooking competition have Sheriff Kenni Lowry in a quandary. Who would want Owen Godbey dead? And why dump him barefoot on top of Myrna's prize winning tomatoes? And what's the big deal about Owen's deceased momma's special okra recipe? Kenni will need all the  help she can get from her deputy, her grandfather's ghost, and her dog, Duke as she deals with this puzzling crime, claims of incompetence, and her own growing feelings for Deputy Finn.

SOUTHERN FRIED is a complex mystery wrapped in Southern charm. Intelligent and funny, Sheriff Kenni Lowry is a delight. She's smart, competent, and tough, yet is able to show a slightly vulnerable human side. There's plenty of humor too. Author Tonya Kappes peppers her writing with "Southern Speak" that not only brings a down home warmth, but plenty of chuckles too.

The second Kenni Lowry mystery is another winner with an ending that'll put your heart in your throat!


  1. It does look good. Thanks for the heads up. Della

  2. I missed the first one! So now I have 2 to add to my TBR pile!

  3. Saw there's an audiobook but it's priced out of range for me. Drats! The preview sounded good.