Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Vangie Vale and the Murdered Macaron by R.L. Syme. This book is the first in the Matchbaker Mystery series.

Vangie Vale has been relocated to Saint Agnes, Montana. A part time pastor and more time baker, Vangie is doing penance, biding her time, and creating delicious baked goods in her bakery. When a stuck up southern belle named Scarlet gives a parting dig to Vangie and her friend, Vangie decides to assist karma and gives the woman and her blond James Bond type partner incorrect directions. Yet by giving in to her baser instincts, Vangie unwittingly sets a disastrous chain of events in motion. A woman is found murdered with a box of Matchbaker cookies by her side and the misdirected couple is detained by the police. Now Vangie is going out of her way to put things right. But who's telling the truth?

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  1. Thanks so much for having me! This interview was SO much fun. :)