Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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I'm currently reading Olmec Obituary by L.J.M. Owen. This book is the first in the Dr. Pimms Intermillennial Sleuth Mystery series.

The sudden death of Dr. Elizabeth Pimms' father forces her to give up her dream job, working on an archaeological dig with her boyfriend, and return home to Australia to work as a librarian in order to support her family. When a former classmate offers her a chance to join an archeology team in town Elizabeth can't resist, even if she has to volunteer her time on weekends while still performing her library duties. As her research unfolds, Elizabeth finds serious flaws with the original findings and the hypotheses surrounding the dig itself. Will Elizabeth discover the true story behind the skeletons? And will she come to terms with her family?

Olmec Obituary weaves the modern day story of Dr. Pimms and her investigation with the ancient story of the people behind those skeletons.

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