Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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I just finished reading The Vanished Bride of Northfield House by Phyllis M. Newman. This book is the first in a Gothic Mystery trilogy and will be released next week.

Anne Chatham, the orphaned daughter of a clergyman, has taken the job of typewriter at Northfield House in 1922. Working with Mr. Wellington on his book of agricultural history is enjoyable, but the undercurrents of the house are not. The grand house is dark and ominous, and while Mr. Wellington is pleasant, she also has to deal with the irreverent older son, Thomas, and the brooding younger son Owen, not to mention the haughty Mrs. Wellington...and the ghost. Anne has the ability to see spirits and the ghost of Northfield House is desperate to communicate. Is this spirit that of the bride who disappeared on her wedding night? As Anne draws closer to Owen, a family tragedy is explored, and danger increases. Should Anne fear the dead or are the living more dangerous?

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