Thursday, June 7, 2018

Flowers and Foul Play - Review


The First Magic Garden Mystery

Fiona Knox's life has been turned upside down. Her beloved godfather, Ian, died, her flower shop went out of business, and her fiancee left her for the cake decorator! Fiona arrives in Scotland to Duncreigan, the cottage and garden bequeathed to her only to find more turmoil as she and her godfather's trusted friend and caretaker find the dead body of Ian's lawyer in the withered garden. The lawyer was  disliked by many, primarily due to his selling out the town to developers, but the Chief Inspector has pegged Hamish for the murder. Certain of his innocence, Fiona investigates the town and its residents, but will she find the murderer or will the murderer find her?

The first Magic Garden Mystery ticks all the requirements of a great cozy mystery. There's a sympathetic protagonist to whom we can relate, a quaint setting in a charming town, some adorable scene stealing animals, a possible love interest, and a touch of magic! Not only that, there's a well plotted mystery with lots of suspects along with some excitement.

There's just a hint of magic found here, which grows as the book progresses. Scottish lore plays an important role, both in securing the setting and adding charm and mystical possibilities. I look forward to Fiona discovering her true role as Keeper of the Garden and discovering, along with her, just what that entails. I was enchanted, not only by the mysterious garden, but by my two favorite characters, Duncan and Ivanhoe. The mischievous and fierce little squirrel and the regal and entitled cat are fully developed characters in their own right. I only hope they can declare peace with each other as I want to continue reading about both of them. 

FLOWERS AND FOUL PLAY is a great start to a charming new mystery series sure to delight readers.

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