Thursday, September 27, 2018

When Old is New - A Guest Post & Giveaway

I'm pleased to welcome Sam Cheever back to the blog today. Sam writes the Yesterday's Mysteries. Yesterday's Tears is the fifth book in the series and will be released tomorrow.

When Old is New

I’m going to tell you a guilty secret…I love HGTV. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anybody. *grin* My favorite show is Fixer Upper because I absolutely love the way Joanna Gaines decorates a home. She uses a pleasing mix of old and new that speaks to my soul.

Antiques and retro pieces mixed with spankin’ new furnishings. I love this mix. It’s like today and yesterday holding hands.

That’s kind of how I decorate my house. Not, of course, with Joanna’s flare. But my taste runs the same. I intersperse shabby chic and well-worn antiques with a new(ish) leather couch and contemporary tables. Am I confused? LOL Maybe. In fact, it’s very likely. But that’s not why I do it.

I truly believe that antiques carry with them an energy from the times they lived through. There’s a special magic infused in their aged cells…a history that makes me want to take them under my wing and treat them with care.

At the same time, I love clean, contemporary lines and modern amenities. And I think it’s okay to meld the two. I think it works. Yin and Yang, happy Feng shui and all that.

This is the thinking that spawned my Yesterday’s Mysteries series. Anna Yesterday’s antiques shop is ground zero for so much from the past. But the shop has its feet firmly planted in the present. Anna and her employee Pratt Davies find and solve mysteries tucked within the antiques, and they use an entertaining mix of spirits from the past to help them. These mysteries might be straight out of the pages of history, but like Yesterday’s Antiques, they also exist in the present.

Yesterday and today holding hands. Maybe smacking each other around a little

Now doesn’t that sound like a recipe for pure entertainment!




Yesterday's Tears (Yesterday's Paranormal Mysteries) by Sam Cheever

About the Book

Paranormal Mystery/Women Sleuths  
5th in Series 
Electric Prose Publications (September 28, 2018)  
Print Length - Approximately 200 pages 
It might be a murder from decades ago, but it still has its claws in the present…and someone seems determined to drag Anna into it.
It’s way too soon to be returning to a haunted mansion, and Anna’s favorite cowboy ghost does his best to talk her out of it. But the opportunity to pick from the beautiful antiques left to her in a Crocker resident’s will is just too tempting for Anna and Pratt to pass up. So they’re going in…
They’re prepared to deal with a few cold spots. Maybe the occasional flickering light. But what Anna and the boys weren’t counting on was bumping up against the ghost of Josiah Bumgartner, a contemporary of Joss’ from the 1800s. And when Josiah claims the old woman who lived in the house hid his bones around the place, Anna agrees to help him find them. But something much darker is at work there. And, unfortunately for our happy little gang of antique hunters…Anna seems to have unwittingly stepped right into the middle of it.

About the Author

Let’s face it, nobody really cares that Sam Cheever is a USA Today Bestselling Author. Nobody cares that she’s written a whole ton of fun and snappy books. Let’s face it, the most interesting thing about Sam is the fact that she’s a dogaholic. Yeah, there’s no Dogaholic’s Anonymous chapter that can help her. Believe me, she’s looked. So Sam deals with her problem the best way she knows how. She digs into the mountains of personal experiences (mostly involving dog poo) to write GREAT dog characters.

Oh, and there are some people in her books too. She’s also pretty good at those.
Want to ask Sam about her dogs…erm…books? You can connect with her at one of the following places. Just don’t ask her why she has 15 dogs. Nobody in the whole wide world can answer that.

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  1. Thanks so much for highlighting my new release! xx

  2. Thank you for being part of the book tour for "Yesterday's Tears" by Sam Cheever. Enjoyed reading Sam's guest post on when old is new. I'm a lot like that too. Can't wait for the opportunity to read the book.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. HGTV is always fun to watch.

  4. I enjoyed the post, and also mix family antiques with our more modern things. I love the look. I am intrigued by the new book.

  5. I have really enjoyed your blog with Sam Cheever. I love all of her books 💖
    I have already bought my copy of Yesterday's Tears and to say it is awesome, is an understatement! It is incredible💖 I love your blog Kathy💖

  6. I have really enjoyed your blog with Sam Cheever. I love all of her books 💖
    I have already bought my copy of Yesterday's Tears and to say it is awesome, is an understatement! It is incredible💖 I love your blog Kathy💖