Sunday, February 10, 2019

Chaos in the Countryside - A Review


A Faerie Apothecary Mystery Prequel

Carissa Shae is an unassuming resident of Moss Hill. Half-human and half-elf Cari runs the town's apothecary shop catering to both the humans and fae who reside on the island just west of the United Kingdom. The arrival of a surprise package starts Carissa on a path that could change her life, and that of Moss Hill, forever. Inside is a gorgeous chocolate cosmos plant...and a nature faerie named Chaos. There's also a note warning of danger for Moss Hill and naming Carissa its protector. What danger could be coming? Will Carissa be able to tap into her Elven powers? How will Chaos help? The fate of Moss Hill is in their hands.

I really enjoyed learning about the inhabitants of Moss Hill. Astoria Wright has created a unique world where humans accept the fae and live alongside them. Carissa is a likable protagonist thrust into a situation for which she feels unprepared. The note tells her she will meet fae who will help, while there will be those she doesn’t want to meet. With that warning in mind it's almost impossible to trust anyone and everyone seems suspicious. There are lots of subplots, any of which could lead to this big danger to the island, from developers (always the bad guys in my mind), banshees, and the mysterious actions of crows and ravens, not to mention pixies!

CHAOS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE is a delightful dip into Moss Hill and the world of the Faerie Apothecary. With lots of action and intrigue Astoria Wright has conjured up a vivid world. I can still see that stormy night with rain lashing and pixies fighting in the gale. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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