Sunday, May 23, 2021

Death Grip - A Review


DEATH GRIP by Elaine Viets
The Fourth Angela Richman, Death Investigator Mystery 

When a hiker stumbles upon bodies buried in the woods of Chouteau Forest, a toney enclave in Missouri, Angela Richman, death investigator, finds herself in a political nightmare. It's the rich and powerful covering for each other in a tale of sex and murder.  

DEATH GRIP is a thriller and partially a police procedural, only partially because Angela is a death investigator, not a police officer. She, as well as the readers, knows who the killer is early on. The challenge, and the story, is proving it! 

Not much angers me more than rich men doing whatever they want, and getting away with it. Sadly, this happens as much in real life as it does in fiction. This reality is the crux of the fourth Angela Richman, Death Investigator Mystery. Angela and Jace not only have to deal with a cunning suspect who has the wealth, power, and connections to stymie their investigation, but co-workers and superiors who would rather keep the status quo than find the truth. 

I appreciate the humor slightly sprinkled throughout the story, lightening the darkness. I adore Cutter and I like the growing relationship between Angela and Chris. These aspects bring out the humanity sorely lacking in some of the other characters.

DEATH GRIP is a compelling mystery fueled by misogyny and sexual sadism as well as the determination to stop it.

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