Thursday, May 13, 2021

Journal entry from an 11-year-old amateur sleuth - A Guest Post & Giveaway

I'm pleased to welcome Alexandra Atwood to Cozy Up With Kathy today. You can find Alex on the pages of the Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery series by Terry Ambrose. Treasure Most Deadly is the fifth book in the series and was released last month.

Journal entry from Alexandra Atwood, 11-year-old amateur sleuth

Hey Journal,

I totally love these blog tours. They’re like super fun ‘cause I get to meet all kinds of new people. (Hey, people! My name’s Alexandra Atwood, but you can call me Alex.)

The blog tours are kinda like the B&B. We have new guests all the time and I get to meet all of them. Most of our guests are super nice, especially ‘cause I’m only eleven and they don’t wanna be mean to me. But Adela Barone is different. She’s twenty-four and dresses like a fashion diva. She told me she makes her own clothes, and she’s totally into frilly dresses. Her hats are awesome, too, and she says girls should never go outside without one. That might be her rule, but she learned it was a rule that was made to be broken when we got caught doing surveillance on a treasure thief.

My dad was super mad ‘cause the guy was stealing four-hundred-year-old artifacts and he thought it was super dangerous for me to be there. My dad’s probably right. Anyway, he was even less happy when he found out Adela had to leave me alone to watch the thief. But what were we gonna do? We were in an area with like no cell service, and we didn’t want to lose track of the thief.

Super big problem, Journal. The treasure thief guy is dead and my dad’s working with Chief Cunningham to find the killer. What’s bothering me is Adela. She totally knows more than she’s admitting, so I’m gonna spy on her and find out her secrets.

I don’t think Adela’s dangerous, but I’m sure she’s up to no good. It looks like it’s up to me—again!—to help my dad and the cops solve the case. If this keeps up, the chief is totally gonna have to give me my own badge. There’s like this stupid rule that says you can’t be a cop until you’re eighteen. Seriously? That is so lame. I mean, when you’re good, you’re good. Right?

Got a murder to solve! Bye for now!




 Treasure Most Deadly (A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery) by Terry Ambrose

About Treasure Most Deadly

Treasure Most Deadly (A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery)
Cozy Mystery 5th in Series
Satori (April 28, 2021) 
Print Length: 265 pages

Seaside Cove amateur sleuths Rick and Alexandra Atwood are back!

Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast owner Rick Atwood is again called on to assist his friend, Chief of Police Adam Cunningham, with a murder investigation. The case seems straightforward enough. Clive Crabbe, who has a quick temper and a strong jealous streak, was found hunched over the victim after the man made advances toward Clive’s ex-wife.

A murder investigation is the last thing Rick wants right now. The B&B is booked solid. The town is inundated with tourists and news reporters chasing stories about treasure thieves. And Rick’s wedding to Marquetta Weiss is just weeks away. As if that wasn’t enough, Rick’s eleven-year-old daughter Alex is not only itching to help the cops solve another murder, but she’s forming an unhealthy friendship with a B&B guest.

As the murder investigation progresses, Rick realizes Alex’s new friend could be at the center of everything. The worst part is that Alex may be the one person capable of cracking the case.

About Terry Ambrose

Once upon a time, in a life he'd rather forget, Terry Ambrose, tracked down deadbeats for a living. He also hired big guys with tow trucks to steal cars-but only when negotiations failed. Those years of chasing deadbeats taught him many valuable life lessons such as-always keep your car in the garage. Today, Terry likes fast, funny mysteries and cool photography. He writes the Trouble in Paradise McKenna Mysteries and organized an anthology to benefit Read Aloud America. He fondly likens his efforts to those of a blind man herding cats.

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  1. Thanks for hosting Alex and me today!

    1. The problem in using the King Sumo giveaway entry forms, is they pick and choose who can enter and when. I have been shut out of some author giveaways because this is their policy. They will tell you that. I tried to ask them about it, and I was shut out of their entry forms for over a month. So, as it stands now, I can't enter any of these. Ellen Mint Books stopped using them when so many of us were shut out. There was one nasty author that said, "To Bad, So Sad! I'm not paying for Gleam or Rafflecopter". Since they limit contest entry, people aren't entering small ones so they save their "limit to enter" for bigger prizes.

    2. Thanks Terry for stopping by. You and Alex are always welcome here.