Friday, March 17, 2023

Christmas Cloches and Corpses - A Review


The Third Ghostly Fashionista Mystery 

Something fishy is going on at the Winter Garden Nursing Home. Within days residents have suddenly died and Dwight believes he may be next. Amanda Tucker wonders if her ghostly friend’s nephew is merely being paranoid, but a visit to the facility has her worried. Shifty administrators and nasty nurses too eager to sedate the residents give credence to Dwight’s belief that something’s not right. Will Amanda be able to help, even if the man’s daughter doesn’t want her involved?  

I really enjoyed this third visit with Amanda, Max, and the gang. I love the relationship between Amanda and her grandfather, as well as seeing how the love reaches out to Max, Zoe, and Dwight. Most of the characters here are great, including the precocious girl who comes to visit and even the dour Ms. Oakes.

I enjoyed the mystery and the sad reality that people in some nursing homes face. Despite that reality, the Ghostly Fashionista Mystery series is positive and uplifting. There's such a sense of community, from the shop owners of Shops on Main who come together to celebrate Christmas and help a young detective to Max's family and friends-all coming together to protect one of their own. There is one character, whoever, who really made me mad. I can't stand Maggie. While many people make excuses for her, I find her behavior intolerable. I wouldn't mind if she was the victim in a future story, although I suppose keeping her alive adds conflict to the stories.

Although I am far from being a fashionista, I love reading the details about the vintage clothing Amanda makes. Add the fun of a ghostly spitfire who also has a heart of gold and you have a heartwarming series that makes you smile and laugh out loud.

With the backdrop of Christmas CHRISTMAS CLOCHES AND CORPSES delivers a fun, yet touching mystery.

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