Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading The Undead in my Bed, a vampire romance anthology. I finished reading the first story-Shades of Gray by Katie MacAlister. I've read and really enjoyed many of her romance novels; there's lots of fun and humor to be found. Although I liked this story, I didn't love it. I think if it were a full length novel instead of a short story it would have worked better-more fully fleshing out the characters. Right now I'm reading the second story-Undead Sublet by Molly Harper and am absolutely adoring it! An overworked Chicago chef takes some time to recuperate in small town Kentucky. Her rental house comes with an unexpected roommate. This story had me at the first sentence, "In retrospect, I should have known something was wrong when the arugula started telling knock-knock jokes". The third, as yet unread, entry is Out with a Fang by Jessica Sims which involves a paranormal match-maker!

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