Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Currently Reading...

I'm just about to find out who dun it in Sofie Kelly's latest Magical Cats Mystery, Cat Trick. I adore this series. What's not to love? It has a hint of the paranormal (Hercules and Owen are not your ordinary house cat...but then, what cat is?), people who help animals (volunteers look after a feral cat colony), cats, books (our protagonist is a librarian), and the protagonist is named Kathleen-my name! This book is the fourth in the series. Start with Curiosity Thrilled the Cat and keep reading; and buying!


  1. I've ordered this series last week, can't wait to start reading it :) Glad you also like it.

    1. I'll put this series easily in my top 5 current mystery series, if not top 2!.