Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hey, Target! Where Did the Cozies Go?

Several months ago I was wandering around Target, as I am wont to do, when I stopped to peruse their book section. I was delighted to find several cozy mysteries. This happened a few times. Invariably I'd pick out a book, or two, to buy. So many new series being released I just had to give them a shot. I justified the expense as my weekend entertainment. It was the weekend, I wasn't going out, and the books would give much longer satisfaction.

A few weeks, or perhaps months, later I went to a different Target and looked at their book selections, hoping to pick out a cozy as a gift. There wasn't even one. There were several romance novels (nothing wrong with that-I love romances too), a few thrillers, but not a single cozy. Huh. I decided that whoever choose the books selections at that store stunk and a few days later went to my usual Target for that gift. Imagine my amazement when there weren't any cozies there either! What happened? They had been stocking 5-6 new releases and now nothing? Every time I return to the store I look...nada.

One of the reasons I'm disappointed that Target is no longer carrying cozies is that Target always discounts their books, as does Walmart (I can't find cozies there either). I also used to find cozies at Wegmans (my grocery store) but they don't seem to be there anymore either. While I wish I could buy every new release as well as their subsequent titles, like 99.9% of the population, I'm on a budget. I like to save where I can. I don't like to buy used books as the authors don't make money from them. There's only one independent bookstore near me, and while it's great, it's out of the way, requiring a special trip. In a way the same goes for Barnes and Noble. Amazon is wonderful, but it seems books are no longer discounted there either. Buying cozies at Target was convenient and while my pocketbook is happy, my soul isn't.

What happened to all the cozies? I need to talk to some managers and try to find the answer.

While I'm checking into this issue, I hope you'll come over and find me on Facebook. Yes, Cozy Up With Kathy now has a corresponding Facebook page, with the same name: Cozy Up With Kathy. Once I get 100 likes on that page and 100 followers on this blog I'll have a special giveaway. Please, spread the word.

Be sure to stop by next week when I'll have a special guest blogger. A Charming Wish, the third in Tonya Kappes' Magical Cures Series will be released March 14th and the author will join us for a fun time and a giveaway on Sunday, March 17th!


  1. as you're "wont to do..."

    Love it!

  2. I haven't found a good selection at Target either. Maybe they have new buyers.