Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Final Sentence by Daryl Wood Gerber. This book is the first in the Cookbook Nook Mystery series and was just released yesterday! Young widow Jenna Hart returns to Crystal Cove, California to run The Cookbook Nook, a store specializing in, you guessed it, cookbooks! In addition to cookbooks, the store sells culinary mysteries, and various food related items. It also has a cafe. I'll tell you this-I want to go to that store!!! Add an adorable kitten and this is one book that shouldn't be missed.

Stay tuned. On July 14th I'll be posting more information about this book! In case you didn't know, Daryl Wood Gerber is also Avery Aames and writes the Cheese shop Mysteries under that name!

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