Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spotlight: Appetite for Murder

I'd like to spotlight a book today. Appetite for Murder by Cecile Lamalle published in 1999 is the first in the series of only (sadly) 3 books. Charly Poisson is the chef and co-owner of La Fermette, the best French restaurant in Van Buren County in Upstate New York. It's also the only French restaurant in Van Buren County. Recipes are included.

From the back cover:

A Fungus Among Us

While foraging for fungi in his secret spot, Charly Poisson, owner and chef of La Fermette, inadvertently unearths more than the oyster mushrooms he enjoys on his breakfast toast. Someone, apparently, has had the bad taste to bury an Hermes scarf in the humus-with a woman still attached! Mon Dieu!

Now, plagued by a series of mysterious barn burnings and a psychotic killer on the loose, a once-sleepy upstate New York town has suddenly become a bubbling hot compote of danger and intrigue. Does the blood-hungry murderer lurk among Charly's quirky, epicurean clientele? Worse yet, do the police intend to put the case on the back burner? Add to the mix one chubby French chef with a dangerous craving to solve the crime, rumors of mob ties, age-old vendettas, and a melange of motives that make almost everyone a suspect. Stir the pot vigorously and heat to serve...

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