Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Death of a Schoolgirl by Joanna Campbell Slan. This book is the first mystery in the Jane Eyre Chronicles. Remember reading about Jane Eyre? It's been a very long time since I first read about her, but that novel was one of my favorite "classics". Now author Joanna Campbell Slan continues Jane's story. She married Rochester and has given birth to a son. There are problems however. Rochester is dealing with the severe injuries from the fire and both are vilified by the nasty gossip of the ton. When Rochester's ward appears to be threatened at her boarding school, Jane decides to go herself to see if there is truly a problem, or simply the histrionics of a young girl. What she finds, however, is murder! Jane is now about to go undercover, posing as a German teacher, to protect, not only her ward, but all of the girls.

I'm enjoying my reunion with Jane Eyre and am intrigued by the goings on!

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