Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spotlight: Murder, Plain and Simple

I'd like to spotlight a book today. Murder, Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan will be released September 3rd. It is the first of the Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries. Angie Braddock decides to leave Texas and her former fiance to move to Ohio to take over late aunt's quilt shop, which she has inherited. Quilting tips are included.

From the back cover:

When Angela Braddock inherits her late aunt's beautiful Amish quilt shop, she is welcomed to Holmes County, Ohio, with intricate patchwork, delicious fry pies-and murder.

With her snazzy cowboy boots and her ornithophobic French bulldog, Angie doesn't exactly fit in with the predominately Amish community in Rolling Brook, but her aunt's quilting circle makes her feel at home as she prepares for the reopening of Running Stitch.

On the big day, Angie gets a taste of success as the locals and Englisch tourists browse the stores wares while the quilters stitch away. But when Angie finds the body of ornery Amish woodworker Joseph in her storeroom, the future of Running Stitch looks bleak.

With evidence mounting against her, Angie is determines to find the culprit before the local sheriff can make an arrest. Rolling Brook appears to be a simple place, but the closer Angie gets to the killer, the more she realizes that nothing in the small Amish community is as plain as it seems. . .

Stay tuned for more about this series. I'll be posting a review and Isabella Alan will be here with a guest post on September 22. In addition, Isabella Alan is the pen name of Amanda Flower. Amanda will be here on September 8th for an interview. She writes another Amish mystery series (The Appleseed Creek Mysteries) under that name, the third of which, A Plain Disappearance, is being released today. She has also started a children's series the first of which is also being released this month!

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