Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spotlight-The Pet Detective Mysteries

Today I'd like to spotlight an older book today. Delilah Doolittle and the Purloined Pooch is the first in the Pet Detective Mystery series by Patricia Guiver. There are only 6 books in this series, the first being published in 1997. Sadly, the author died in 2006.

From the back cover:

Sunny Southern California seems an unlikely place for a British widow to call home. But pet detective Delilah Doolittle is probably the least eccentric-if not the most civilized-of Surf City's resident population. With an astute Doberman pinscher named Watson sniffing out clues, Delilah spends her time tracking down errant pets. And experience has taught her that the trail of a missing animal often leads to the worst of human nature...

Delilah Doolittle and the Purloined Pooch

Herbert Fitzherbert is missing. A champion German shepherd, neither hide nor hair of him can be found. Searching the home of his imposing owner, Delilah makes a grisly discovery in the doghouse: a man's body, with an electronic dog collar wrapped around his neck. Though Delilah assures the police that she'll focus on the canine caper, she soon finds that the warmer Herbert's trail gets, the closer she comes to collaring a killer...

It's been several years since I read these books, but I own and love them all...well almost all. I did not know about the last book in the series, A Beastly Bloodline. Berkley had cancelled the series, but Perseverance Press published it in 2003. I'll have to find this book! There was another book planned, The Scarpered Sea Lion, but apparently health issues prevented it from being written. According to various online news sources, author Patricia Guiver died from complications following heart surgery in 2006. She was 76.

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