Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Currently Reading...

I'm trying to catch up in one of the many series in which I'm behind. I'm currently reading Death in Four Courses by Lucy Burdette. This book is the second in the Key West Food Critic Mystery series. Hayley has landed her food critic job with Key Zest magazine, but the owner of the magazine wants her out. The pressure is on as Hayley attends the "Key West Loves Literature" conference about food writing. She has to prove herself in her new position while also entertaining her mother, who has joined her for the seminars. Things get worse when the keynote speaker is found dead (by Hayley) and her friend, Eric, falls under suspicion. Her new romance with police detective Bransford isn't going smoothly either.

This book is another fun venture to Key West with lots of good food and a captivating mystery.

Recipes included.


  1. Hi Katreader, I can't find a contact form on your blog, though I see you do reviews and author interviews :)

    I have a new release coming out April 28th, The Moonglow Cafe, and wonder if you might be interested in reviewing or featuring it or whatever you'd like. It's the second Paige MacKenzie mystery, a light G-rated romance and what I would call a "Cozy No-One-Dies Mystery" (according to Cozy diehards who insist there must be a murder ;) Let me know if this interests you.

    My FB page is probably where you would learn the most about it:

    Thanks for your consideration and nice to "meet" you :)

    Debbie (Deborah Garner, Author of the Paige MacKenzie Mysteries

    1. Thanks so much for contacting me. I need to figure out how to get contact information up! I messaged you on Facebook. I look forward to "talking" with you.