Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading A Killer Retreat by Tracy Weber. This book is the second in the Downward Dog Mystery series. Take a yoga instructor with a hot temper and a hundred pound German Shepherd, who happens to be a reactive dog, and you'll find trouble can't be far away.

Kate Davidson has agreed to leave her yoga studio in the hands of her employees and venture to Elysian Springs resort to teach yoga to a group of wedding guests. Accompanied by her boyfriend, Michael, and her dog, Bella, the trip is fraught with anxiety from the start. A monstrous woman whose crassness, bad attitude, and ignorance about her own dog wreaks havoc on the island, brings out the worst in Kate, who publicly threatens her...twice. Now Kate has found said monstrous woman...dead!

A Killer Retreat won't be released until January 2015. In preparation for its arrival you can read Murder Strikes a Pose, the first book in the series and learn how Kate and Bella meet.