Friday, August 15, 2014

Review - Scene of the Climb


Scene of the Climb by Kate Dyer-Seeley
The First Pacific Northwest Mystery

Just out of college with a degree in Journalism and still struggling with her father's unexpected death, Meg Reed is crashing on a friend's couch, desperate to find a job. Sadly, she graduated when newspapers and other print media are laying off reporters rather than hiring newbies. When a surprise opportunity appears, Meg jumps at it. As the new journalist at an extreme sports magazine, Meg has padded the adventure experience part of her resume, and is soon forced to demonstrate her skills on a hike. No easy stroll through the park, the hike spirals downhill when a loud mouthed competitor winds up dead.

Kate has managed to create a likeable protagonist who makes mistakes and may rush blindly ahead in youthful exuberance, but remains engaging instead of off putting. Meg is young and naive, yet I was still able to relate to her. I can see myself running out, looking my worst, only to bump into someone important. And who hasn't made herself try to look better or more experienced than she really is? I may never have padded my resume, but I certainly know how to highlight the best parts of my abilities!

Scene of the Climb, the first book in the Pacific Northwest Mystery series, brings the outdoors of Portland, Oregon home to cozy readers. You'll appreciate the scenic vistas that Kate Dyer-Seeley creates as well as the descriptive details that make even an armchair hiker like me feel as if I'm on the trail and ready for adventure.

Adventure tips and scenic tour included. 

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