Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading The Book Stops Here by Kate Carlisle. This book is the 8th book in the Bibliophile Mystery series (9th if you count the Penguin Special, Pages of Sin). Although I adore this series I'm only just now reading it, even though it's been in my library since it was published back in June!

Brooklyn Wainwright, my favorite bookbinder, is back in action. She has just landed a part time job as an expert appraiser for the TV show This Old Attic while it films in San Francisco. Television jitters ebb as Brooklyn enters her special world of books and talks about a special copy of A Secret Garden, which the owner bought at a garage sale for $3. The likable owner is thrilled with Brooklyn's appraisal, but there is something off about her. In fact there's something off about the show's host too. No one will believe that Randolph Rayburn has a stalker, but when Brooklyn is attacked outside the studio by a man claiming to be the book's real owner Derek Stone steps in. And when Brooklyn is almost crushed in an offstage "accident" Derek gives credence to Randolph's misgivings.

At this juncture one has to wonder-who won't make it out alive?

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