Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading In Hot Water by J.J. Cook. This book is the third book in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery series. Let me start by saying that I love this series-and Eric, the former fire chief who's still a ghost!

Although this book is only the third in the series, a lot has been going on since That Old Flame of Mine. Stella Griffin, the new fire chief, has finally decided to stay in Sweet Pepper, leaving Chicago behind. Her volunteer crew is becoming a family, but going through some growing pains. And Eric. Stella has fully accepted his presence-but others are afraid of it-especially councilman Bob Floyd. Bob is determined to get rid of Eric. As In Hot Water opens Bob has just brought the property where Stella lives, in the log cabin that Eric built, and a place to which Eric is tied. Not only has be bought it, he rented a bulldozer to tear down her home-without giving her any notice. Will Bob destroy Stella's home, and Eric? What's going on with the fire call that resulted in a fatality? I can't wait to read more and find out!

Recipes included.

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