Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Ming Tea Murder by Laura Childs. This book is the 16th book in her Tea Shop Mystery series.

Theodosia and the gang are back. Theo is attending the exclusive black tie opening gala for the Gibbes Museum. It's not quite her cup of tea, even though the museum is exhibiting an 18th century Chinese tea house. But she's there to support her boyfriend, Max the public relations director for the museum. Festivities grind to a halt when Theo discovers the murdered body of a major museum donor. Things get even stickier when Max gets fired! Theo is determined to set things right and prove Max isn't the killer-even if he did publicly fight with the dead man, days, then minutes, before the murder. There are plenty of other suspects though-the wife, the girlfriend, the business partner...Theodosia is sure to explore all the possibilities, while brewing up tea and serving the delightful delicacies of the Indigo Tea Shop.

Recipes and Tea Time Tips included.

I'm reading an ARC of the book-it will be published May 5th, but you can pre-order it now!


  1. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of Ming Tea Murder. I've been eyeing this one since I heard about it months back.

  2. The entire series is awesome! I haven't missed one yet & snatch up the newest as soon as it's out.