Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Bite the Biscuit by Linda O. Johnston. This book is the first in the new Barkery and Biscuits Mystery series which will be released May 1st.

Carrie Kennersly loves her job as a veterinary technician in the small town of Knobcone Heights, but when the opportunity presents itself to own her own business, Carrie takes the plunge. While still working part time as a vet tech, she has just taken over her friends bakery and converted it into 2 stores: Icing, a bakery for people, and the Barkery, a bakery for pets! Her grand opening is going well, until Myra Ethman and her husband, owner of the town's pet store, enter spewing venom about Carrie's hand made dog treats and threatening to close her business down. The couple refuse to leave and Carrie finally tells the crowd that she'll find a way to keep Myra quiet! The next morning Carrie awakes to the news of Myra's murder and discovers she's the prime suspect!

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  1. This sounds like a fun new series. Thanks for introducing me to it.