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Guest Post - An Interview with June Heal

Interview With June Heal

By Tonya Kappes

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in the small town of Locust Grove, Kentucky with my widow mother, who died young. Darla, my mom who had me call her by her name, made homeopathic cures out of our home, selling them at a local flea market. I took over the flea market booth after her death and realized my cures were a little more potent than Darla’s. That opened a whole new world where I found out that my father was a wizard and I was a witch.

2) What has been your favorite adventure?

I have to say that out of the entire Magical Cures Mystery series, I loved finding out my true heritage and moving to the magical village of Whispering Falls.

3) What is your favorite treat?

Oh! Easy! Ding Dongs are my go to favorite treat. In fact, my good friend Raven Mortimer, owner of Wicked Good Bakery, makes a to-die-for replica of the Ding Dong and calls it June’s Gems.

4) If you could have a different ability, what would it be?

My friend, , he is able transport himself anywhere. I think that would be cool to do.

5) You have two familiars. Which one is your favorite?

Are you really asking me this question? I could never answer that. I do love how Mr. Prince Charming, my fairy god cat, brings me real silver charms for my charm bracelet to keep me protected.

I could do without Madame Torres’s smart alec mouth, but she’s great in keeping me safe by telling me future events. They both have a special place in my life.

6) Are you and Oscar ever going to get married?

I hope so! We have finally set a wedding date for All Hallow’s Eve. I hope you can come!

7) What is your favorite potion?

I have to say that I love the Gentle June’s Stressless Lotion that is sold nationally in the Head To Toe Works stores. The magic is in the bottle. Since it’s sold nationwide and I can’t read everyone’s real stress and give them a special potion, I put the spell in the bottle. When the customer picks up the bottle, the bottle gives them the stress free feeling and answers they are seeking.

8) What do you see in your next adventure?

That is easier said than done. I’m trying to tie the knot with Oscar and become Mrs. Oscar Park. I have a good gut feeling that things aren’t really going to go as planned since both our Aunts are butting heads about family rituals. Since he’s from a wizard family and I’m a witch, there are different wedding rituals. Oscar and I just might run off!

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