Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review - Fatal Reservations


Fatal Reservations by Lucy Burdette
The 6th book in the Key West Food Critic Mystery series

There's a new floating restaurant in Key West, but it's causing a commotion at the city commission meeting, as it seems not to be bound to the same constraints as its on land competition. Add an unruly group of street performers to a volatile meeting and you have a recipe for disaster. Hayley's friend and confidant, the tarot reader Lorenzo, didn't see bad fortune lurking and when a fellow street performer winds up dead Lorenzo becomes the main suspect and flees town. Is Hayley right to believe in him? Even when his story keeps changing?

Truths will come out.  

The life of a psychic: able to see and read others, but unable to foretell his own future. Hayley has always relied on Lorenzo to guide her when faced with a crisis. In Fatal Reservations, however, Lorenzo is the one facing a crisis. Although Hayley wants to believe in him, and help him, Lorenzo's actions belie his innocence. Why run? As hard evidence begins to stack up against him, even Hayley has to wonder if her trust could possibly be misplaced. As Hayley discovers she really doesn't know much about Lorenzo, is she right to stand up for him?

With her mother back in wintry New Jersey caring for Sam, Wally acting more like a non-boyfriend, and  her roomie, Miss Gloria, caught up with her own friends and new hobby, Hayley finds herself more alone than ever. 

I enjoy being back in Key West with Hayley and her friends...and the food. Fatal Reservations is a wonderful addition to the series. Lucy Burdette brings the charm of Key West, but doesn't hide its dark side and faults as well. The popular fun tourist attractions can have a seedy underbelly. The author also has us question what we know. Are people really what they seem? Should we stay with the comfortable or reach for something better. What is worth the risk? Lucy Burdette combines cozy fun with the gritty details of life, past and present, with a hopeful look to the future showing us that how we deal with past crises can color our world, either positively or negatively. How will you see your world?

Recipes included.

Fatal Reservations will be released Tuesday, July 7, 2015. Amazon has it available for pre-order and is offering the mass market paperback for a sale price of only $5.45. I'm not sure how long the sale will last!

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