Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Currently Reading...

I actually just finished reading one book and haven't yet started the next, so...I just finished reading A Disguise to Die For by Diane Vallere. This book is the first in the new Costume Shop Mystery series and was just released yesterday!

Margo Tamblyn, upon hearing of her dad's recent heart attack, has returned home to Proper, Nevada to take care of her father and the family costume shop while he recovers. She'll have some help from Ebony, who's been a mom to Margo, and Kirby, the high school store employee, but will that be enough? Dealing with her grumpy dad is one thing, but dealing with the town's spoiled rich kid is another. Blitz Manners (really a spoiled adult) comes to the store flashing money and unreasonable time frames for a themed birthday party. When said rich kid is found dead at his own party with Ebony standing over his body with a knife, Margo gets thrust into the investigation. Margo will do whatever it takes to prove Ebony's innocence. Can she trust the mysterious Tak Hoshiyama? Will she be able to tie things up and get back to her job is Las Vegas?

Recipes and Costume Tips included.


  1. Enjoyed the post. Will gave to get to see what is happening with Ebony. And Margo.

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