Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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I'm currently reading Murder in an Irish Village by Carlene O'Connor. Siobhan O' Sullivan put her dreams of college in Dublin on hold when her parents were killed by a drunk driver who hit them head on. Instead she remains in Kilbane, County Cork, taking care of her 5 siblings and the family bistro. Lusting after a more attainable dream, a pink scooter, she goes to look at it only to find the brother of the young man who killed her parents. Niall is back in town claiming he has proof that his brother wasn't to blame, and tries to get Siobhan to give him money for the facts. When Niall is found dead inside their bistro everyone is ready to blame James. Siobhan is certain her brother is innocent, even if James himself can't say for certain as he fell off the wagon of sobriety and blacked out that night. So she begins to question the suspicious actions of her neighbors, as well as a mysterious Yank!

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  1. Got to read this. If someone says I have the facts, pay me for it. I don't think I'd care to trust them and would double check the info. But in any event. I'd like to see how things turn out. della