Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Currently Reading...

I actually just finished reading COPY CAP MURDER by Jenn McKinlay. This book is the fourth in the Hat Shop Mystery series and was released this past January.

Getting homesick for her parents and the United States as Thanksgiving is approaching, Scarlett is also feeling a slight rift from her cousin,Viv who is still refusing to talk about her mysterious husband. On the other hand, Scarlett's feelings toward Harrison are growing deeper and the need to be boyfriendless for a time is less and less appealing.

When the friends, including Nick and Andre, attend a swanky Guy Fawkes party at the home of one of Harrison's CEOs things get out of hand. A run in with an ex of Harrison's, who wants him back at any cost, and another with one of Harrison's business rivals leads to fisticuffs. When the rival is found dead Harrison becomes the main suspect and Scarlett will hold nothing back in proving his innocence!

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