Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading For Dead Men Only by Paula Paul. This book is the second in the Alexandra Gladstone Mystery series and will be released April 12th.

Something's going on in  in Newton-upon-Sea. A Freemason is found dead inside the Masonic Lodge of the Ninth Daughter and a Templar Knight is seen riding through the village. While the enigmatic Constable Snow considers the death to be a heart attack as there are no obvious wounds, the Grand Master of the lodge believes it to be murder and calls upon Dr. Alexandra Gladstone. Before Alexandra can even consider investigating the matter the Grand Master himself is found dead. Even though she is a doctor with all the necessary training and talent, Dr. Gladstone is not allowed to perform autopsies-it just wouldn't be proper for a woman to see an unclothed man, even for this purpose. However, biased townspeople and discriminatory laws won't stop this Victorian doctor and her friends. With her housekeeper/nurse Nancy, the two lads she has taken in to work for her, her faithful dog, Zeke, and the dashing Lord Dunsford to help, Dr. Alexandra Gladstone will search for answers despite the risks.

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