Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading Crime and Poetry by Amanda Flower. This book is the first in the Magical Bookshop Mystery series and was just released yesterday!

Violet rushes back to Cascade Springs, NY, a place she vowed never to return, to see her dying grandmother. She discovers, however, a talking bird flying around the family bookshop and a perfectly healthy Grandma Daisy! Violet also learns that her grandma has been keeping things from her including a boyfriend and the fact that the bookshop actually has magical properties granted by the famous springwater. Although Violet wants to flee town as soon as possible, Grandma Daisy declares that Violet needs to take over as Caretaker. Before Violet can even imagine what that means, yet alone entails, she finds a dead body, as she did prompting her previous flight from town. When her Grandma is named a suspect, Violet knows she can't leave town, at least not yet!

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