Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nosy Neighbors - Guest Post, Review, & Giveaway

Nosy Neighbors
by Tonya Kappes

I live in Louisville, Kentucky. Old Louisville to be exact. We aren’t that big of a community, so we are sorta like a small town within the bigger city. We live on a very charming street called Belgravia Court. Our houses are very close together and the front doors face our very own courtyard.
Let me introduce you to some of them.

Mrs. Hubbard, our neighbor across the courtyard, and Auntie Meme had had a few words right there in the courtyard in front of everyone. Auntie Meme told her to mind her own business, only her exact words were my business isn’t your business and unless you’re my panties don’t be up my ass.
Mrs. Hubbard was as mad as a wet hen but it didn’t stop her from still being nosy.
Auntie Meme put a rodent spell on Mrs. Hubbard’s house sending every rodent on Belgravia Court over there. The Orkin man was a fixture over there.
Susie Brown, our other neighbor and Belgravia Court’s neighborhood watch president, even started a rumor that Mrs. Hubbard and the Orkin man were having a fling. Only we knew the truth and we never gave into gossip. In fact, the women loved to meet up in the courtyard on Saturday nights with their fancy cocktails and catch up on the gossip on Belgravia Court. The Park family—my family—were always a topic of interest because we spent much of our time to ourselves. Well, not Auntie Meme. She spent a lot of time looking out the front window wondering what type of spell she could send Mrs. Hubbard’s way. When she’d get down to the nitty-gritty of a spell, Mom wouldn’t let her send it. Auntie Meme fussed that Mom let her make the spell, why not let her send it. Mom let Auntie Meme concoct THE spells so she wouldn’t have to entertain my feisty auntie.
Still, the neighbors loved to gossip about us. Much was speculation, but still, they lived on speculation. 
Welcome to Belgravia Court! We are happy to have you!

Spies and Spells
SPIES AND SPELLS, the first in this highly anticipated new series from USA TODAY Bestseller Tonya Kappes because we know she's a queen at writing paranormal mystery witch series, is here! 

Spies and Spells 
Spies and Spells Book 1 
While Maggie waits for her Witchy Hour, she works at the family diner with her mom, aunt Meme and Lilith, her sister - all witches. Soon Maggie gets entangled with a mysterious handsome stranger, Mick Jasper, and his secret U.S. organization, SKUL. Has she found her calling? 

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Spies and Spells Blog Tour Schedule
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SPIES AND SPELLS by Tonya Kappes
The First Spies and Spells Mystery

Maggie Park lives in Historic Old Louisville, Kentucky along with her sister, Lilith, her mom, and aunt. And their familiars. You see, the Park women are witches and Maggie and Lilith are helping at the family restaurant while waiting for their Witchy Hour; the time when their true path will be shown. In the meantime, the sisters still goad each other into magical dares. One such dare leads Maggie to witness, and interfere with, a package drop. This misadventure brings one determined man, high end make up, and the start of Maggie's Witchy Hour.

Welcome to the witchy world of Tonya Kappes. In SPIES AND SPELLS she creates a new world around Belgravia Court where witches live side by side with mortals, the mortals generally clueless about their different neighbors. Kappes also creates a new construct for her witches. Faced with a "Witchy Hour" witches don't decide on a career on their own. Instead fate announces what their path will be. The witches here have familiars, but Maggie has one of a quite different sort. Instead of a cat, macaw, or owl, who help her mom, sister, and aunt respectively, Maggie's familiar is a car; a car named Vinnie. A car names Vinnie who can get jealous.

SPIES AND SPELLS brings together mystery, romance, and humor...lots of humor... and paves the way for future stories set in this new world. As someone who studies the occult and various nature paths I was unable to take the book too seriously, yet I did not take offense. SPIES AND SPELLS is silly lighthearted froth, but it's a lot of fun. If you're looking for an escape into a magical world with a hint of romance you should find this book a pleasurable read-I did!  


  1. Great book! Can't wait for more! Hope it goes on as long as June Head's series :) Love the characters!

  2. Great book! Can't wait for more! Hope it goes on as long as June Head's series :) Love the characters!