Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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I'm currently reading Éclair and Present Danger by Laura Bradford. This book is the first in the Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery series and will be released June 7th.

Winnie Johnson's life has taken an unimaginable turn. She has one last shot to save her bakery from closing due to the imposed rent hike, an inheritance from her elderly friend Gertrude. Cash is not on the agenda however, and instead Winnie leaves with a vintage ambulance and an ornery cat named Lovey. Ornery to Winnie, that is, and friendly to everyone else! Winnie's day gets even worse when she delivers a pie to a widower neighbor only to find him dead. Someone smothered the elderly man! Could it be the mother of the bratty girl who destroyed his flowerbed? Or a son too eager for his own inheritance? While Winnie ponders these questions and tries to reassure her neighbors she has an epiphany. Her building may be lost, but her business isn't! Taking advantage of the ambulance, she decides to create a mobile dessert service. After all, when things are bad baked goods always make you feel better. Winnie and her friends embrace their new theme coming up with pithy dessert names such as Dump (him) Cake, Hot Flash Fudge Sundae, and Don't-Be-Blue Berry Pie and the business starts to take off. But can her emergency dessert service make it? Will she be able to reassure her neighbors that they're safe? Will she discover who the murderer is? And, most importantly, will she get Lovey to like her?

Recipes Included.

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