Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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I just finished reading Beyond Dead by Jordaina Sydney Robinson. This book is the first Bridget Sway Novel and was released earlier this year.

Bridget Sway is not having a good day. She catches her fiance having sex with another woman and runs outside where she trips and falls into the oncoming path of a bus. Which kills her. But that's not the end. That's just the beginning.

Beyond Dead is the story of the afterlife of Bridget Sway who's discovering that things can actually get worse after you die. On her first day of work Bridget finds a dead ghost guy in her locker. That's bad, as is being taken in by the police for questioning. What may even be worse is being forced to share a house with a bunch of strangers, dying, without basic hygiene essentials, and having to not only go to work, but attend Ghostly Acclimatisation meetings. Basically Bridget is living in a bureaucratic nightmare. The good news is she found a like minded friend in Sabrina. Bridget's new best friend, however, happened to be a PI when she was alive and convinces Bridget to investigate the dead ghost's murder. Between trying to learn her new job, getting used to being dead (the GA meetings aren't that helpful), dealing with her incredibly annoying, yet very hot, guardian, Bridget must also learn to deal with mediums and avoid being killed herself! It's not easy being dead.

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