Friday, February 10, 2017

All-Butter ShortDead - Review


A Prequel to the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries

Gemma Rose is returning home to Oxford to open a tearoom, quite a departure from her high pressure job in Australia. After making friends with her nervous fellow passenger on the long flight, when Gemma finds that Jenn has left her scarf on board, she doesn't think twice about returning it to her, and is even persuaded to have a few drinks. Gemma soon discovers that no good deed goes unpunished when she wakes to the news that not only is her new friend dead, she's been murdered and Gemma is the prime suspect!

As dire as it sounds this book is filled with laughs as Gemma also deals with her technologically challenged mother, a gang of old biddies, and meets the lovable minx Muesli for the first time.

ALL-BUTTER SHORTDEAD is a fun novella that whets my appetite for more Oxford Tearoom mysteries.

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