Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading SKELETONS IN THE ATTIC by Judy Penz Sheluk. This book is the first in the Marketville Mystery series.

After the unexpected death of her father, Callie Barnstable figured she would inherit some old furniture and books. She certainly did not expect a house in the suburbs and definitely not a requirement that she not only live in the house for a year, but investigate her mother's murder.

As Callie gets settled in what was once her childhood home she discovers a house in ill-repair and finds herself dealing with a psychic her father put on retainer, pictures from a childhood she doesn't remember, and five tarot cards hidden under the carpeting. Is the house possibly haunted? Could it be that her mother hadn't abandoned her, but was actually murdered? With the help of a hunky contractor Callie starts to renovate the house, but who can she trust to help solve the mysteries of her past?


  1. I tried placing a hold on the book with both nearby county library systems. NOT IN THE SYSTEM. So I filled out the request form for them to buy copies. I usually get good results since I donate almost 100 books a year to them.

  2. It sounds really awesome. I am putting on my Amazon shopping/wish list.

  3. Be sure to stop by next Friday, February 17th, when I'll post my interview with the author as well as my review.